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Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

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Oracle BI Mobile App Designer

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, a component of Oracle BI Mobile, empowers business users to easily create visually stunning and interactive analytical apps for any line of business, all without writing a single line of code. Integrated with Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Foundation Suite, business users can leverage data from their existing Oracle BI environment to create analytical apps tailor made to their area of interest or expertise, with a simple drag and drop user interface.

The BI Mobile App Designer ensures that business intelligence is truly at the forefront of decision making – even while on-the-go. Mobile apps created using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer run using HTML5 on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets. Rendering for differing screen sizes ensures that visualizations display optimally with a write once, run anywhere model.

Users can also easily collaborate and share apps via the Apps Library, which serves as a repository of BI Mobile Analytics applications to which users can subscribe and receive automatic updates, ensuring the users across the organization are consuming the most up to date information.

Creating Mobile Analytical Apps

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer is the ideal solution for all users who want targeted, line of business mobile apps that require no coding or programming expertise – creating professional BI mobile analytical applications is as easy as working with common office productivity tools. The business users can create a diverse range of visualizations simply by using a drag and drop interface in their web browser.

Instead of depending on IT to create apps relevant to a specific area of interest, users can become self-sufficient in creating and presenting their enterprise data in a form relevant to the business needs, and the needs of their line of business.

An intuitive toolbar menu provides a rich palette of formatting capabilities, making it easy to combine text and images to create executive briefing books, dashboards, graphs, tables, and catalogs. The actionable insights are displayed with stunning interactive visualizations, making it easy for users to identify critical business intelligence, and act on the data to enhance their decision making.

With the Oracle instant preview function, users can preview their newly created app by using either the browser-based mobile simulator, or by scanning a dynamic QR code generated by the BI Mobile App Designer, which lets the users run their app directly on the mobile device of their choice.

Delightful to Use

Oracle BI Mobile App Designer allows the business users to create professional, interactive mobile apps that are delightful to use. The touch and swipe gestures make it easy to browse through enterprise data. With the ability to interact with apps, end users can drill down on any data set to get a more granular view at the data at hand, and gain a deeper understanding of their enterprise information.

The navigation panes help direct users to the data they are looking for, and make finding their desired data set a simple, intuitive experience. Users can also subscribe to apps that are most relevant to their area of expertise, and create a library of data driven
insights that collaborate and share apps tailor made for their line of business.

  • Any Platform, Any Device, Any Screen Size

With the ever-growing number of mobile platforms, devices and the screen sizes, organizations face a daunting challenge when attempting to create, distribute, and manage secure mobile apps.

Many mobile devices and platforms spread across a global organization make it both time consuming and expensive to enable a mobile workforce. With the Oracle BI Mobile App Designer, organizations can rely on their line of business managers to create mobile apps for their smartphones and tablets.

The generated apps are based on HTML5 standard and utilize the BI Mobile App Designer’s responsive web engine to dynamically layout content for pixel-perfect screen rendering.

  • Enterprise Integration, Security, Performance, and Scalability

Oracle BI Mobile is ideal for enterprise deployments, as it allows self-service business users to automatically leverage centralized metrics, calculations, and analysis provisioned by IT, and also allows business users to supply their own data.
Oracle BI mobile enforces enterprise security leveraging the same security model as the Oracle Business Intelligence, without requiring additional overhead to provision and manage user security separately.

Businesses now can now deploy full interactive dashboard capability with zero additional development using Oracle BI Mobile HD on iOS devices, and can create purpose-built BI Mobile Analytics applications for smartphones and tablets with the drag and drop simplicity using Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.

Oracle is a vendor in BI Mobile Analytics with the industry’s most complete and integrated range of enterprise-class business intelligence solutions. We at Locus IT provide such services using Oracle product and help organizations gain more insight, across more data, and drive better outcomes in every aspect of their business.

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