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IBM Cognos Mobile BI (Business Intelligence)

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IBM Cognos Mobile BI (Business Intelligence)

IBM Cognos Mobile BI is a Business Intelligence solution for executives and mobile workers who require wireless access to important information.

IBM Cognos Mobile BI extends the full value of Cognos 10 Business Intelligence (BI) to mobile workers requiring timely, personalized and secure information beyond their traditional office.

Users can interact and access with reports and dashboards on their mobile device while they are offline or online. It also supports the active reports, standard reports as well as Cognos Workspace content.

Deployment Options for IBM Cognos Mobile BI

  • Native Apps: iOS and Android tablets and phones
  • Web App: iOS and Android phones and tablets

Prerequisite for using IBM Cognos Mobile BI

  • For IBM Cognos BI v10.1.1 to 10.2.1, the equivalent Cognos Mobile installkit needs to be added.
  • For IBM Cognos BI v10.2.2 and up, the Cognos Mobile service comes pre-installed with BI.
  • The web app is also available in the version but needs an iFix to scale to larger screens
  • While the Android and iOS apps are free downloads from the Apple App Store or Google Play, the user requires a proper license to connect to a BI Mobile server or to consume authored Active Reports.
  • The Android and iOS native apps are backwards compatible all the way back to the Mobile server version Meaning that users can upgrade freely their iOS and Android apps without needing to upgrade their Cognos BI servers.

Install IBM Cognos Mobile Client on your Device

  • From your mobile device, go to: iOS:
  • Android:
  • From the Mobile app, you can create a connection to your BI server using your Gateway URL. For example: http://myserver/ibmcognos
  • To use the IBM Cognos Mobile WebApp on the other supported devices, open a web browser to the following URL:
    http://servername/ibmcognos/m or http://servername/ibmcognos/m/isapi

Authentication Mechanisms in IBM Cognos Mobile Support

  • IBM Cognos Mobile depends and relies on the same authentication mechanism that exists in the IBM Cognos BI environment. Users has to enter the same credentials for IBM Cognos Mobile as they do in the IBM Cognos BI environment.
  • If your authentication server uses an CJAP, HTML page, or Siteminder, you may need to enable Pass-through Authentication via the apps’ settings.
  • Users need to be granted the Mobile capability to be able to connect to the Mobile in the server starting in the 10.2 release.

Security Mechanisms in IBM Cognos Mobile Support

Customers typically has 3 major concerns when it comes to mobile application security: security for data at rest on the device, data in motion between the device and the server and the ability to delete data from the device should it be stolen or lost. Here are the some security mechanisms that come with IBM Cognos Mobile.

Data at Rest:

  • The IBM Cognos Mobile Android and iPad native apps use the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt cached server based content on the device. The Cognos Administrator can choose between three levels: 128, 256 bit, and NONE encryption. (Default is 128bit)
  • IBM Cognos Mobile utilizes a Lease Key mechanism to get access to the stored content on the device. The reports that are cached on the mobile device are only accessible for the duration of the Lease Key. As it session expires, the reports are no longer accessible. The user must re-authenticate with the BI server to renew the Lease Key to regain access to the stored reports.
  • The IBM Cognos Administrator can set the minimum time in hours for the duration of the Lease Key.
  • The action of Logging Off has the effect to invalidate the Lease Key and prevents every local content to be viewed until the user re-authenticates with the BI Server
  • The IBM Cognos Mobile Android and iOS native apps can enforce a user to enter an application specific security code (or PIN). If the user fails to enter the exact security code, the application will delete all the local cached Cognos content from the device.

Data in Motion:

  • The IBM Cognos Mobile Android and iOS apps use HTTP to communicate with the BI Server. The applications can therefore work within a secured network using VPN, SSL, or reverse proxy.
  • The mobile administrator can enforce SSL Pinning to restrict the application to only connect specific servers with a known certificate.
  • The admin can import a client-side certificate onto the device to allow the application to communicate within the web server.

Removing Data from the Device:

The IBM Cognos Mobile Android and iOS native apps can be managed by a third party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. If it is required, the MDM tool can wipe the entire content using remote on the device.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of IBM Cognos Mobile BI and provides Mobile BI services like IBM Cognos Mobile customization, IBM Cognos Mobile BI training and IBM Cognos Mobile support. If you are interested in learning more about IBM Cognos mobile capabilities please contact us.

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