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LCS (Life Cycle Services) Service Requests

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LCS (Life Cycle Services) Service Requests

We can use Microsoft Dynamics Life Cycle Services (LCS) to submit LCS Service Requests directly to the DSE team. You can also view which requests have been executed, submitted, and canceled for your environments.

A Life Cycle Services Requests ticket that you use to request the Dynamics Service Engineering (DSE) team to perform a predefined set of tasks on your environments.

View LCS Service Requests

There are two main ways to view LCS Service Requests:

  • On the project dashboard, Select Environments section, Click Service requests.
  • Select the Menu button and select Work items. Then select the Service requests tab.
  • On the Service requests tab go to Work items page lists that will show you all requests that are currently active and requests that have been denied.
  • After submit a request, status tile shows Requested.
  • If you signed up for Microsoft LCS notifications, you’ll receive an email when the status of a service request changes or a comment is entered.

Creating Requests

There are two main ways to create a service request: automatically and on demand.

  • Automatically – A LCS service request is automatically created when you request deployment of an environment, application of a package, or upgrade of an application.
  • On demand – A LCS service request is manually created when you enter a request for a database refresh, a point-in-time restore, and some other services.

Automatically Creating a Request

  • Environment deployment – To set-up environment deployment options and submit a request to the DSE team to deploy a new environment, in the Environments section, select Configure.
  • Package application – To apply a package application to the production environment, on the Environment details page, Click on Maintain, select the package to apply, and then select Schedule.
  • Upgrade – To request that DSE upgrade one sandbox environment, Standard Acceptance Test environment, or production environment, on the Environment details page for that environment, select Maintain, and then select Upgrade.

Creating Using On Demand

Service requests that are created on demand are not accepted by the DSE team.

  • Go to Work items page, click on Service requests tab, select Add.
  • On the Create request dialog box, select the type of service request to create. Then options on the page reflects in the specific type of request that you selected.

    1. Database point-in-time restore request
    2. Database refresh request
    3. Sandbox to Production
    4. Other request

Commonly Denied Requests

Here are some examples of service requests that will be denied:

  • Submit a request of Other request type for one of the following actions, but you should have submitted a support ticket instead:
    • If you want to activate a new subscription estimate after you’ve requested or after you’re live in a production environment.
    • Reconfigure the Financial reporting data mart in a release that is earlier than Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Financial reporting release
    • You want to restore a production database before you go-live.
    • If you encountered any issue after the DSE team did an application upgrade.
  • Submitting a request of Other request type for an action that you should have requested through a different request type.
  • Submit a request of Other request type for an action that you should perform yourself.

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