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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

The Microsoft Sure Step Methodology is a comprehensive client engagement methodology outlining the best practice processes necessary to implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Microsoft Sure Step is a set of methodology tools and good practices that secure the effective implementation of the ERP system. It consolidates proven procedures that contribute to the faster delivery of an implementation project, its increased quality and cost reduction.

The Microsoft Sure Step methodology provides a set of tools and templates which facilitate the implementation process substantially.
The following project types are distinguished based on their scope and complexity: Standard, Rapid, Enterprise, Agile and Upgrade. All these project types comprise of 6 Sure Step Phases: Diagnosis, Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operation.

Microsoft Sure Step Phases

Diagnostics Phase

Diagnostics represents the pre-sales phase of the project. The important goals of the Diagnostics phase are the following tasks and deliverables:

  • Definition of project scope
  • Definition of global project budget
  • High level FIT/GAP analysis
  • High level solution architecture and design

Major deliverable of the Diagnostics phase is the detailed proposal for overall project implementation, detailing all required license and services cost.

Analysis Phase

This phase, represents the official start of the implementation. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Fit Gap Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Functional Requirements Document
  • Project Plan
  • Change Control Plan
  • Communications and Training Plans
  • Development, Quality and Testing Standards
  • Future State Business Process Workflows

Microsoft Sure Step Design Phase

In this phase we will configure the solution and design customizations needed to meet your requirements. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Risks and Issues Management
  • Core Team Training
  • Create Test Scripts by role and function
  • Conduct Feature Testing
  • Create Technical Design Document
  • Begin Data Migration Design

Development Phase

In this phase, your complete solution will be built and configured. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Determine Security Roles
  • Complete System Configuration and ISV Solution Setup
  • Finalize Customization Code
  • Conduct Acceptance Testing
  • Begin Developing Data Migration Scripts

Microsoft Sure Step Deployment Phase

In this phase, all our teamwork comes together in the transition to your new Microsoft Dynamics solution. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • End User Training
  • Final System Readiness
  • Final Acceptance Testing
  • Plan for Go-Live Cutover
  • Final Data Migration
  • Go-Live

Operation Phase

In this phase, we’ll close the project and identify any ongoing support and transition assistance you need. Key activities and deliverables include:

  • Provide Post Go – Live Support
  • Review Deliverables against SOW and Close Out Project
  • Establish Ongoing Quality and Testing Strategy
  • Conduct Disaster Recovery Test

ERP system implementation is a complex project. It requires commitment, proficiency as well as an organised and methodological approach. To provide such an important undertaking successfully, implementation methodology is required. We at Locus IT always deliver our implementation projects in compliance with the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. For more information please contact us.

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