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Dynamics Sure Step for ERP Implementation

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Dynamics Sure Step for ERP Implementation

Sure Step ERP Implementation software is considered an indispensable resource in running and managing the business operations for companies of all shapes and sizes, Although most business persons at a middle management level or higher have gone through at least one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and the software itself is mature – there are not many implementation frameworks available.

Understanding the need to provide a comprehensive framework that addresses all of the questions and issues concerning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution implementation, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step offers a systematic, standardized methodology that contains all of the tools, templates, and the best practices needed for each step of the implementation process.

With Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, customers can experience the increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and minimization of risk in following specific standards and procedures in Sure Step ERP Implementation.

Sure Step ERP Implementation

  • Consistent, repeatable model of implementation. 

By providing an implementation model that enables you to follow a series of the same implementation methods applied for the businesses of all shapes and sizes, Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step provides a system that promotes consistent implementation quality and the success at all stages of the process.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step offers a clear, understandable services delivery approach that can easily be learned and adopted by all the members involved in an implementation project.

  • Step-by-step guidance of the implementation process. 

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step system offers a step-by-step implementation approach that incorporates visual elements such as the process flow diagrams and charts along with detailed descriptions of each implementation stage.

By using the available tools, templates, and resources that the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology provides, the customer gains an in-depth knowledge of solution implementation and a familiarity with the processes involved in implementation.

The Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, however, does not provide a cookie-cutter approach. Based on the type of the implementation it has the capability to serve up different templates and deliverable’s. For example, Sure Step provides the following project templates based on your needs:

1. Standard Implementation: It is typically used as a lean approach to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) at a single site with moderate complexity

2. Enterprise Implementation: It is typically used where a standardized approach for implementing an ERP in either a complex single-site environment or in a global/ multi-site organization where country specific solutions have to be factored on the top of a core solution.

3. Agile Implementation: It uses an iterative, incremental process for developing and implementing the ERP. This project gives the customer greater control over the final solution because customers can quickly change the direction of the solution from one sprint cycle to the next.  It is typically used at a single site requiring specific features and moderate to complex customization’s.

4. Rapid Implementation: An accelerated approach for implementing an ERP with minimal or no customization’s. This can be used in situations that are characterized by a limited scope where the basic application features are desired, and/or where the large majority of the customer’s business processes are not considered  complex.

5. Upgrade: Used for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Upgrades from one major version to another. This can either be for simple technical upgrades or include upgrades with configuration of new functionality.

With support for different project types that allow the detailed information on the diverse selection of implementation processes that fit the needs of a wide variety of businesses and industries you can feel confident in taking a forward step towards your Sure Step ERP Implementation.

  • Minimization of the implementation risk through optimization offerings.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step offers seven optimization offerings that provide guidance for both technical and functional designs and review the performance and operations of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. These offerings are particularly helpful for the large, complex implementations because they effectively and proactively organize the management of project quality from the first phase to the last.

Through the following optimization offerings an exhaustive, independent review of the software implementation is performed to ensure that within each phase the solutions meet the customer’s needs and requirements, as well as offering the descriptions on the impact that the various components of the implemented solution will have on the customer’s business operations, and identifying and presenting any potential problems or issues to the customer.

  1. Architecture Review
  2. Design Review
  3. Customization Review
  4. Performance Review
  5. Health Check
  6. Upgrade Review
  7. Project Governance
  8. Delivery Review
  • Increased management oversight with the Project Management disciplines and processes.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step provides the best practices management activities and tasks throughout phase implementation to ensure that all pieces of the integration process – knowledge, resources, procedures, schedules, communications, etc. that are completely tied and connected together into a cohesive operational whole.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step breaks down these management activities into different disciplines and offers an in-depth information on the activities and tasks that comprise each of these disciplines.

  • Defines the roles and responsibilities for the stakeholder involved in the implementation process.

Because the Sure Step ERP Implementation solution involves many people from the different areas, determining the roles of each individual within the project and their associated responsibilities can sometimes be a difficult and confusing process.

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step solves this by offering a clear-cut determination of the individual roles which comprise the Dynamics ERP implementation process and providing  guidance and direction on the implementation phases, tasks, and the activities that each team member is accountable for performing or overseeing.

Locus IT has provided a very feature-rich and flexible Dynamics ERP solution for countless companies around the globe and it backs this up with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step to streamline the implementation processes from beginning to end and to enhance overall productivity while meeting customer needs. For more information please contact us.

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