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Microsoft Dynamics SL Upgradation

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Microsoft Dynamics SL Upgradation

Microsoft Dynamics SL Upgradation functionality includes finance, project accounting, manufacturing, field services, supply chain management, analytics, and electronic commerce.

Microsoft Dynamics SL supports cost forecasting and budgeting, time and expense entry, unlimited billing formats, complex allocations, change order control, contract administration, local and Web-based project analysis, employee utilization/realization, proactive alerts, and workflow.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is one of Microsoft’s ERP software products for project-driven small- and medium-sized enterprises. Dynamics SL is one of part of the Microsoft Dynamics product family. This business management system provides service-, project-, and distribution-driven businesses with project accounting and project management functionality to help organizations manage projects.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Upgradation Release Themes

  • Enhanced Query and Preview

Query and Preview interface added across multiple modules. New views and drill back capabilities.

  • Approvals

Adding approval process to key Dynamics SL Upgradation areas.

  • Web Apps

Monthly release, New enhancements scheduled for every release with the New Web Apps.

  • Optimize Financials

General Ledger enhancements, Payables enhancements, Receivables enhancements

  • Project

Project feature enhancements, print enhancements, invoice preliminary and time related enhancements

  • Power Suite Evolution

Odata Service, Power Apps for SL, SL Power BI Content Pack, Flow for SL

Technology develops at a fastest rate and it is essential to keep your business and software completely up to date to ensure your business continues to function effectively.

1. Security and Compliance

Outdated and unsupported software could lead to slow performance, risk of crashing, compliance issues and loss of valuable data.

2. Employees are Spending More Time Entering Information Manually.

Time is money and this could be costing you more money than you suspect. Taking advantage of new enhancements could solve this issues. Upgrades introduce improvements and new highlights that increases your efficiency and productivity.

3. Integration with the Latest Technology

It is important to stay remain on the latest version in order to ensure that software integrations do not become a problem for you. Outdated software versions may not provide for your employees with the capability to use the latest technology like mobile devices and IPads. These devices are quite common in businesses places and permit your people to work anywhere at any time and get more done.

Some of the improvements you will find in Microsoft Dynamics SL Upgradation :

  • Web Applications: New product that runs on any browser and mobile device. It replaces Business Portal to perform the following functions like Project Analysis Reports
  • Timecards (employees who enter their own time)
  • Timesheets (employees who enter time for others)
  • Advanced Payroll Timecard Entry
  • Expense Reports with attachments
  • Project Approvals: Timecards, expense reports, budget revisions and project invoices
  • Quick Query and Crystal Reports
  • Business Analyzer: A modern business intelligence application that graphically displays key information about your business. Business Analyzer is now available as the web-based reporting and is now supported for use with Microsoft Dynamics SL on the Windows 8/10 Modern UI
  • Project Analyst: It is now available as an SSRS report that can be launched from Report Server, Web Apps, or Business Analyzer
  • Management Reporter: Web based finance reports with similar functionality to FRx.
  • Improved F3 search – Now when you perform a F3 search in Dynamics SL 2015 you can do partial text searches, export F3 lookups to Excel, etc.
  • Enhanced report search – “Easy to read” column names in sort or select, plus you can use F3 search to determine values when building your selection criteria!
  • Report delivery capabilities has been Improved – can export a report directly to MS-Outlook email without printing or exporting to PDF
  • Enhanced Quick Query export capabilities – Quick Queries would be exported directly to an Excel Pivot Table or table bound grid.
  • Enhanced Resource Planning: A new Web Application module to help you plan and assign resources to projects and tasks. Assignment and Planning can be done by project or by resource.
  • Multi-Company and Multi-Currency Projects – Takes advantage of Dynamics SL had a built-in multi-company and multi-currency platform to allow users in the project modules to work in multiple companies / currencies without signing in/out.
  • Enhanced Power BI – Power BI changes your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect.

Contact us and we at Locus IT will provide you with a clear and concise strategy and work plan for a smooth and successful Dynamics SL Upgradation. We will take the time to review your current environment and software customization’s and give you a reliable individualized plan of your path to Dynamics SL.

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