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Microsoft Dynamics SL Features

Microsoft Dynamics SL Features

Microsoft Dynamics SL Features included in the latest contain product enhancements that will help businesses better stay abreast of compliance regulations, make decisions based on accurate financial data, and maintain profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 Release Features

  • Dynamics SL Reporting Enhancements with Query and Preview Capabilities

New interactivity has been brought to the end user by bringing together querying and static reporting. Users can now query the data and retrieve a preview of the output before they release a batch run. They can use a quick query to retrieve an interactive view into their Microsoft Solomon data.

  • Expanded Separation of Duties to Enhance Security

New approval processes will expand a company’s ability to separate duties by giving them the ability to require approvals for data entry before processing. As an example, a user entering a payroll voucher can be prompted for approval before the voucher is released.

  • Three New Web Apps

Browser based apps give users the ability to use a tablet, desktop or a smartphone to enter and view the data. Three new SL web apps have been added to Microsoft Dynamics Solomon 2018:

  • Timesheet Status
  • Project Change Order
  • Project Charge Entry

Change Orders can be used to enter and maintain changes in budget, dates, or project information. Project Charge Entries are used to enter transactions directly into accounting tables if they haven’t been captured automatically through an interface or from labor transactions.

MSD SL 2017 Release Features

In addition to the 80-100 enhancements that were made throughout the year 2017, the three new Web Apps were added to MS Dynamics SL in 2017:

  • Vendor Maintenance: The Vendor Maintenance screen allows the set-up and editing of vendors in Microsoft Dynamics SL. The screen is basically located under the new Accounts Payable menu in Web Apps.
  • Customer Maintenance: The Customer Maintenance screen allows the set-up and editing of customers in Microsoft Dynamics SL. The Microsoft Confidential content is subject to change. 30 by 30 screen is located under the new Accounts Receivable menu in Web Apps.
  • Payroll Employee Maintenance: The Payroll Employee Maintenance screen in Web Apps allows the set-up and editing of employees in Microsoft Dynamics SL. The screen is mainly located under the new Payroll menu in Web Apps.

MSD SL 2015 CU2 Release Features

The SL 2015 CU2 release provided many hotfixes, improvements, and enhancements to the software.

Continued Improvements to SL Web Apps

SL Web Apps have been a dominant feature of all of the latest SL updates. Designed to provide an on-the-go experience for professionals and users, Web Apps were introduced in SL and expanded over the years.

Locus IT has worked with many businesses to develop, design, implement, and improve on their ERP solutions. If you have questions about how Microsoft Dynamics SL can address and solve your business challenges, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to consult you to refine your current system or create a customized solution for you.

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