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Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

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Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

Locus IT recommends a wide variety of third-party Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements that tightly integrate and drive efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics SL/Solomon is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that combines powerful project – and financial-management capabilities to help businesses manage customer demands, keep up with compliance regulations, and deliver services on time and on budget.

Most accounting software is not made for the project work and the most industry specific solutions do not have the accounting tools that is necessary.

Dynamics SL bridges the space by combining project management software and accounting capabilities for end-to-end  functionality.

Time and Expense Entry in Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

T-Sheets – T-Sheets is the online time tracking solution designed to automate payroll, invoicing, and job costing. Through Synergy, T-Sheets also has a top tier integration with Dynamics SL to help with your project tracking and increase billable hours by 12 percent.

Concur – Automate your expense, invoice management, and travel. Submit and approve from any mobile device.

Unanet – Through “SLConnect”, provides web-based time and expense capture, with a single point of entry for data on projects and people with no duplication of effort.

DataBasics – Cloud-based timesheet or expense reporting; integrates with Dynamics SL, meets special time tracking and expense management requirements.

ReQlogic – Streamline your employee expense management. Enable them to enter timesheets in user-friendly browser interface and rout to any number of reviewers.

Fixed Assets

Plumbline – Improve financial management for your business by analyzing, tracking, and manipulating fixed assets from within Dynamics SL.

Human Resources & ACA Reporting

Silver Brook – Take overall control of HR administration and record keeping. Generate IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

Integrity Data – The smart 360-degree systems for Affordable Care Act reporting and tracking.

AP Automation or Paperless in Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

PaperSave – PaperSave offers out of the box, automation, and seamless document management integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL.

PN3 – Stop relying upon costly, time-consuming paper based workflows. Automation is the main key for reducing the costs and ensuring regulatory compliance.

KwikTag – KwikPayables AP software automates routing, transaction data entry, and status reporting for invoice and payment approvals.


ReQlogic – Manage, automate, and control your purchasing cycles with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to view, review and approve on the move.

eRequester – eRequester is the complete mobile and web spend management solution for Dynamics SL users.

Report Scheduling  in Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

Liaison Messenger EDD – Automated Business Form and Report Distribution is the ultimate workflow for automation server and scripting tool.

Ei Dynamics Reports – An automation solution that’ll allows you to generate, schedule, and distribute common enterprise reports on an exception basis.

Budgeting and Forecasting

BI-360 – Capabilities in budgeting, reporting, planning, dashboards and data warehouses. Create your budgets and financial reports to help to meet performance-driven reporting requirements.

Full Circle Budget: What if there was a solution that provides the BEST of Excel for budgeting and minimized the challenges? Full Circle Budgets makes the Excel budgeting simple for MS Dynamics SL users.

Notifications or Alerts

Ei Dynamics – Dynamic Alerts is a business activity alerting and monitoring system designed to intelligently monitor data across an entire enterprise.

Electronic Banking or ACH Payments

SK Global – e-Banking suite reduces your costs through automation with improved security and fraud protection: AP/AR EFT, Wire Transfer, Positive Pay, etc.

Auditing in Microsoft Dynamics SL Enhancements

FastPath – Gives comprehensive auditing solutions to simplify and automate compliance for Dynamics SL.

Check Printing

MaxQ – Eliminate the need to purchase preprinted checks. Check printing with AP or PR Laser checks is fast, easy and in your control.

Sales Tax Automation

Avalara – Delivers automated sales and use tax compliance integrated with Dynamics SL, including for distributors and services companies.

Whether you are looking for Microsoft Dynamics SL as your organization’s new business management solution, or are an existing customer looking to expand your business solution with additional modules, we at Locus IT helps you to provide such Microsoft Dynamics SL services along with Microsoft Dynamics SL Training, Dynamics Solomon Staffing, Microsoft Dynamics SL Support and Implementation. For more details please contact us.

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