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Dynamics SL Business Accounting Software

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Dynamics SL Business Accounting Software

This article is about Dynamics SL Business Accounting Software features and its capabilities.

Whether you are an existing customer evaluating options to expand your business with additional modules, or are considering MS Dynamics SL as your company’s new financial management solution, this guide provides an highlights of the product modules available within MS Dynamics Solomon grouped by the functional area they address over the business.

The Advanced management edition is the preferred solution for growing mid sized or high functional needs customers who are looking for an adaptive solution with a broad set of functionality, including all functionality included in the Business Essentials edition.

Dynamics SL Business Accounting Financial Management

Application Server

Off-load and schedule the execution of CPU-intensive tasks such as the printing of reports and execution of processes to other machines on your network.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Application Server helps you to control the processes execute, whether centralized on the database server, on separate application servers distributed throughout the network or over a WAN (wide area network), or over the Internet.

Bank Reconciliation

Simplify and automate your bank reconciliation process to reduce paperwork, eliminate tedious administrative tasks, and help ensure accuracy.

Cash Manager

Gain instant access to your current cash balance, take the guesswork out of cash accounting, and automate bank reconciliation. Powerful and integrated, Microsoft Dynamics SL Cash Manager is automatically updated when batches are released by other Microsoft Dynamics SL modules.

Currency Manager

Conduct global business easily whether your company utilizes a single currency with plans to expand or already operates with multiple currencies.

Integrate transaction processing across Microsoft Dynamics SL to track ERF (exchange rate fluctuations) to determine possible gains and losses when making payments in another currency, and maximize multinational business profits.

Financial Statement Translation

Evaluate, isolate, and eliminate the impact of currency fluctuations on your business operations with MS Dynamics SL Financial Statement Translation.

This integrated and the flexible module helps you dramatically improve month-end close processes by performing necessary currency translations and automatically calculating gains or losses due to rate fluctuations.

General Ledger

Capture and analyze the financial information you need to make better business decisions with the flexible, integrated capabilities that let you harness your accounting processes to meet the way you do business.


Analyze, monitor, and report on multiple companies or functional divisions within your organization. The focused and the flexible capabilities help set up multiple companies in one or more run processes, databases, close books, and report results by company or in a consolidated company.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Bio Foundation

Preconfigured, built-in views of Microsoft Dynamics SL financial data empowers the executives and power users with financial, operational, and strategic analysis capabilities that break through the constraints of the static, accounting oriented reporting.

Crystal Reports

Create or Modify an unlimited number of custom reports to suit your needs with Crystal Reports Professional 8.5, the industry-leading report writer included with MS Dynamics SL System Manager.

Crystal Reports provides a most powerful reporting and query capabilities for both novice and experienced users. Use it to analyze, select, summarize and the present data in almost any way imaginable.

Key Performance Indicators

Deliver and Define web-based, personalized views of key performance indicators (KPIs) to individuals’ desktops so that they can monitor and make strategic decisions on business performance.

Management Reports Designer User

One user included with each Advanced Management user or Business Essentials. Additional users can be purchased a la carte by Advanced Management customers and Business Essentials.

Designer the designer license includes the Designer and Administrator roles within Management Reporter. These roles allow the user to design, administer, generate, and view reports with access to both Report Designer and Report Viewer applications.

Microsoft Forecaster

Microsoft Forecaster is the fast, large organizations and affordable way for midsize businesses, and divisions of global enterprises to realize the benefits of a budgeting and planning application.

Microsoft Forecaster is a fully integrated planning and budgeting application designed to help companies create and execute accurate and realistic budgets.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Locus IT helps companies get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics. Our team can help you decide which is the best financial software solution based on your business needs. Also, we don’t just install and configure the software  we train your Dynamics SL Accounting staff to use it to create the reports they need, so they can analyze data as needed. Take further step towards growth with Microsoft Dynamics SL. For more details contact us.

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