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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

The decision to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade is a critical part of your business strategy. At Locus IT, we’ve been working with clients since 2007 to help them through every step of this process.

During that time, we have continuously demonstrated the ability to empower our clients to complete successful upgrades and achieve the best possible outcomes for their businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade Overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade is one of the best possible investments you can make in your business. In addition to the advantages provided by platform, new features, and fixes to previous versions, an Dynamics NAV upgrade allows you to take full advantage of breakthrough innovations in functional and technical aspects of the software, including:

  • Deployment Options (Mobile, Web, and SharePoint clients, etc.) 
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Secure Webservice Calls
  • Banking Integration
  • Office 365 Integration

Customization should have little to nothing to do with upgrading if performed correctly and with the right tools. The customization will come forward into your new Navision version.

Dynamics NAV Database is too Large

The Dynamics NAV database size can lead to certain challenges; that said, we’ve successfully upgraded databases of over a terabyte in size. Our arsenal of tools to aid in data migration recently reduced a 42-day data migration to approximately four hours.

Dynamics NAV Developer can do Upgrades

This is biggest reason that many NAV upgrades take too long and cost too much and are never completed, or result in serious post go-live issues. Upgrades are different from other projects in nearly every way. The requirements, tools, methodology, and the professionals who plan and execute them should be suited to the singular goal of your successful upgrade.

Our Dedicated Team

Ultimately, the successful upgrade depends on the partner that you choose. Locus IT‘s upgrade team has the several years of experience and knowledge that make us unparalleled upgrade specialists.

We work with every client to make sure that they accomplish exactly what they need, providing:

  • A dedicated team to work your team to ensure open, clear communication and understanding of exactly what your business needs throughout the process, including a free upgrade quote for accurate budgeting
  • Proven Project Methodology done by the experience of countless successful upgrades
  • A clear understanding of the related tools and processes required for a smooth upgrade
  • The biggest standards of quality assurance built into data migration and upgrade processes
  • Commitment to your team and your business from the very beginning of the process to going live on the new version, as well as technical advice, continued support, and enhancements as needed

Always Stay Up to Date with a Dynamics Navision Subscription

Dynamics NAV upgrade helps you to stay in business regulations, increases productivity through the application of the advanced software technology, enhances security and protection of your data, and provides opportunities to grow and expand your business. The results are lower costs, more opportunities, and a more competitive position.

An Upgrade Subscription Plan for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP make sure that to stay as updated as possible. It provides your company:

  • Timely updates and fixes
  • Access to new features as they are released
  • Upgrade shifting expenses differs from capital expenditures to operating expenses, providing improved financial management

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