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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Partner has the ability to Implement Dynamics NAV in both comprehensive and a daunting task that usually involves all or at least large parts of your company.

Dynamics NAV is Made for small and medium sized enterprises, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation partner help you take your next step towards growth. Automate and connect the functions that keep your enterprise running including sales, operations, purchases, accounting, and inventory management.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Features

As Locus IT has experienced consultants in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), we have devised our service offerings to address each of the issues companies face whilst they are implementing an ERP solution.

We believe that constant communication and a positive mutual dialogue underpins the entire integration process and this can help to proactively mitigate risks. Our open and transparent approach to communication means you have full visibility over the whole implementation, at all stages.

You can rely on us to be in control at every step of the way.

  • Accurate estimates of cost and time
  • Anticipate and minimize future costs
  • Overview of the many advantages of an implementation
  • Fewer interruptions in your daily business
  • Manage and keep the project on track
  • Thorough training of the forthcoming users
  • Testing your new ERP system
  • Fast and efficient support
  • Achieving ROI

Fast Financials Dynamics NAV Implementation

For Small Businesses

  • An “Out of the box” style implementation to reduce the amount of project management, etc., involved with implementing NAV, to suit small companies who are taking the first step into an integrated ERP system.
  • The Fast Financials solution from Dynamics Consultants utilizes the areas of Microsoft Dynamics required to give small companies everything they need to start using a business software package, without the need for a lengthy and bespoke implementation project.


  • If you think of switching to a new system and you are feeling the nervousness about switching. Despite, trust our assurance and everything will be fine because we followed the plan, they will still feel very anxious. The anxiety in the air is so thick you can scoop it with a spoon.
  • When the live date nearly approaches, we do our final cut over to their legacy system to Dynamics NAV. Run through our check list and have the customers go through their check-list.

Real Challenge 

You’re live with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That is the response we typically give. As we said, going live with Dynamics NAV is the easy part.

A couple of of these issues after go live that will begin to raises these are:

  • Problems or exception problems that are just unusual and weird
  • Things that available from old system that are no longer allowed in the new system
  • People circumventing the agreed upon process
  • Wanting to turn on new feature

Good Business Practice is a Lifestyle

  • What you resolved with your NAV partner during a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation is what you’re currently doing and where you want to go. These are known problems that has been brought up and addressed during the design of the software.
  • Dynamics NAV is a very good system. It’s also a very strict system. When you have an system that is in good condition, sometimes problems come up where it was not apparent before or been swept under the rug.

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