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Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

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Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing firms of all types and sizes are expected to create, build and deliver superior quality products at a rapid pace and at the lowest possible costs to capture a substantial market share and win new customers while retaining old ones. Improved visibility of the inventory levels and business performance, alongside effective management of financials, will help you make better decisions.

Why use Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

With Microsoft Dynamics ERP software systems, organizations can improve the business processes in NAV for manufacturing business. Boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, BOM, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.

The flexible procedure and the integrated data equip them to make accurate promises to the customers, respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to help business stay ahead of the competition.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing offers a simplified foundation that includes visibility into work-in-process (WIP), support for order-by-order workflow, and the ability to implement additional functionality as business needs become more complex, including:

Bill of Materials in Dynamics NAV Manufacturing

  • BOM is an innovative routing design that allows the users to have different versions of the both BOM and routing, with the added ability of running comparison reports for various BOM versions of the same item.
  • Create bills of materials and calculate standard costs.

Production Order Management

  • Create and manage post consumption, production orders and output to the production orders.
  • Calculate net requirements based on production orders.
  • Incorporates a manual supply planning tool as an alternative to automatic planning.

Version Management

  • Create and manage different versions of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV manufacturing bill of materials and routings.

Agile Manufacturing

  • Plan rush orders, make exception cases, and handle last minute changes to your manufacturing processes with multiple planning options, tracking, and interactive action messages.

Capacity Planning

  • Add capacities, view loads and the task list for the capacities.
  • Set up routings and utilize these routings on production orders and in material requirements planning.

Machine Center

  • Manage capacity of a single machine/producing resource.
  • Plan or manage capacity on several levels: on a more detailed level for machine centers and on a consolidated level for work centers.
  • Users can store more default information about Dynamics NAV manufacturing processes, such as setup time or default scrap percentage.

Supply Planning in Dynamics NAV Manufacturing

  • Plan material prerequisites based on demand with support for master production scheduling and materials requirements planning.
  • Automatic production orders and purchase orders. Action messages for quick and easy balancing of supply and demand.
  • Support for bucket-less and bucketed material requirements planning.
  • Setup for products with their own reordering policy, including registration of whether they are manufactured by or purchased from a third party.

Demand Forecasting

  • Create production or sales forecasts, in combination or independently.
  • Manage demand forecasting based on items. Input demand of sales forecasts for products and components in a more convenient way like daily, monthly and quarterly.

Finite Loading

  • Take capacity constraints into account so that no more work is alloted to a work center than the capacities can be expected to execute during a given period of time .

Order Promising

  • Available to Promise functionality calculates dates based on item availability for the unreserved quantities
  • Proficient to Promise is used if an item is not in inventory and if no supply orders are planned. It uses “what if” approach to calculate the earliest date the item can be available.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Easily keep track of stock items using the comprehensive Inventory Management tools with setup to specify unit of measures, costing method, inventory posting group, unit cost and price, and a whole range of other features.
  • Integrated with the General Ledger and with the posting processes, the inventory management module permits for a high level of automation
  • Effectively manage the movement of inventory and more efficiently control your supply chain with advanced features in the Warehouse management.

Automated Data Capture System (ADCS)

  • The Automated Data Capture System is a tool that lets you accurately capture data for inbound, outbound, and internal documents, primarily for warehouse activities.
  • Utilize handheld devices and radio frequency technology to continuously validate warehouse inventories.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has multi-currency support along with other features that include accounting, order entry, invoicing, quoting and more. Locus IT has worked with various manufacturing industries to develop, implement, and improve on their ERP solution. For more information please contact us and we’ll be happy to consult with you to refine your current system or create a customized solution.

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