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Business Central Number Series Creation

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Business Central Number Series Creation

This article explains about Creating Business Central Number Series. For every company that you setup, you will need to allocate a unique identification codes to things such as the customer and vendor accounts, general ledger accounts, invoices and other documents.

Numbering is important not only for identification. A well designed numbering system also makes the company more manageable and easy to analyze and can reduce the number of errors that occur in the data entry.

You create a numbering system by setting up one or more codes for each type of the master data or document. For example, you can setup one code for the numbering customers, one more code for the numbering sales invoices and another code for the numbering documents in the general journals.

After you have setup a code, you must setup at least one number series line. The number series line includes information such as the first and last number in the series and the starting date. You can set up more than one number series line per number series code, with a different starting date for each line. The series will be used continuously, starting each series on the respective starting date.

To Create a New Business Central Number Series

  • Select the search icon, enter No. Series and then select the related link.
  • Choose the New action.
  • On the new line, fill in the fields as necessary. Hover over a field to read a short description.

You typically set up your number series to automatically insert the next consecutive number on new cards or documents that you create. However, you can also set a number series to allow you to manually enter the new number. You specify this with the Manual Nos. check box.

If you want to utilize more than one number series code for one type of master data, for example, if you want to use different number series for different categories of items you can utilize the number series relationships.

Behavior of the No. Field on Documents and Cards

On sales, purchase and transfer documents and on all cards, the No. can be filled in automatically from a number series or manually and it can be setup to be invisible.

The No. field can be filled in three ways:

  • If only one number series for the type of document or card exists where the Default Numbers check box is selected and the Manual Numbers check box is not selected, then the field is automatically filled with the next number in the series, and the No. field will not be visible.
  • If more than one number series for the type of document or card exist, and the Default Nos. check box is not selected for the number series that is currently assigned, then the Number field is visible and you can look up to the No. Series List page and choose the number series you want to utilize. The next number in the series is then inserted in the Number field.
  • If the setup for a number series for the type of document or card is not done, or if the Manual Nos. field is chosen for the number series, then the No. field is visible and you must type any number manually. You can type a maximum of 20 characters, for both numbers and letters.

Once you open a new document or card that a number series exists for, then the relevant No. Series Setup page opens so that you can set up a number series for that type of document or card before you proceed with other data entry.

To Set Up where a Business Central Number Series is Used

The following procedure shows how to set number series up for the Sales area. The steps are similar for other areas.

  • Choose the search icon, enter Sales and Receivables, and then choose the related link.
  • On the Sales and Receivables page, on the Number Series FastTab, select the desired number series for each sales card or document.

The selected number will now be used to fill in the No. field on the card or document in question, according to the settings you made on the number series line.

To Create Relationships Between Number Series

If the setup contains more than one number series code for the same kind of basic information or transactions, you can create relations between the codes. This feature can assist you in deciding among the codes when you use a number.

  • Choose the search icon, enter No. Series, and then select the related link.
  • Choose the line with the number series you want to create relationships for and then choose Relationships.
  • In the Series Code field, type the code for the number series that you need to relate to the series you selected in step 2.
  • Add a line for each code that you want to relate to the chosen number series.
  • Close the page.

When you setup something that requires a number, you can use the relations created to select among the related number series. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Number Series Creation, please contact us.

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