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Business Central Document Setup

Business Central Document Setup

Business Central Document Setup can be performed for each customer with a preferred method of sending sales documents, so that you do not have to select a sending option every time you choose the Post and Send action.

Before you can manage sales processes, you must configure the rules and values that define the companies sales policies. You must describe the general setup, such as which sales documents are required and how their values are posted. This setup is typically executed once during the first implementation.

A distinct series of tasks related to registering the new customers is to record any special price or discount agreements that you have with each customer.

Business Central Document Setup Process

1. To Set Up a Document Sending Profile

  • Choose the search icon, enter Document Sending Profiles, and then choose the related link.
  • On the Document Sending Profiles page, choose the New action.
  • Fill in the fields as necessary. Hover over a field to read a short description.

2. To Specify a Sending Profile on a Customer Card

  • Choose the search icon, enter Customers, and then choose the related link.
  • Open the card of the customer who you want to set up a sending profile for.
  • In the Document Sending Profile field, select a profile that you have set up as described in the previous procedure.

Set Up Salespeople

Most companies want to pursue an individual employees performance as a basis for calculating the sales commission or bonus. For example, the Salesperson Commissions report. A company may also need to assign a salesperson to each of their contacts.

When you have set up a salesperson on the Salespeople page, you can choose it in the Salesperson Code field on all the relevant records, such as G/L account, customer, vendor, contacts and campaign cards. Then, when you post or setup the invoices, credit memos, journal lines, finance charge activities and so on the salesperson code is carried to the resulting ledger entries.

To Set Up a Salesperson Code

  • Choose the search icon, enter Salespeople, and then choose the related link.
  • On the Salespeople page, choose the New action.

You can use salespeople in various relationship management and marketing work. For example, you can assign tasks to salespeople, so that the tasks are incorporated in sales opportunities that the salesperson are assigned to.

On the Document Sending Profiles page, you set up different sending profiles that you can select from in the Document Sending Profile field on a customer card. You can select the Default check box to specify that the document sending profile is the default profile for all customers, except for customers where the Document Sending Profile field is loaded with another sending profile.

When you choose the Post and Send action on a sales document, the Post and Send Confirmation dialog box shows the sending profile used, either the one setup for the customer or the default for all customers. In the dialog box, you can alter the sending profile for the sales document. For more details on how to perform Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Document Setup, please contact us.

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