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Microsoft Dynamics GP in October 2019

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Microsoft Dynamics GP in October 2019

This page lists enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics GP in October 2019 release. The Dynamics GP October 2019 release enhances specific areas of the product.

Financial enhancements

A number of updates have been made to the finance area in Dynamics GP.

1. Long description for payables transaction entries

There is a new option in Payables Setup for very long descriptions of up to 200 characters.

The long description displays on the following pages:

  • Transaction Entry
  • Payables Transaction Entry Zoom
  • PM Transaction Inquiry

The long description prints on the following checks in Payables Check Entry (single invoice):

  • Check With Stub on Top
  • Check With Stub on Bottom
  • Examine With Stub on Top and Bottom-Text
  • Check With Stub on Top and Bottom-Graphical
  • Check With Two Stub on Top
  • User-Defined Check1
  • User-Defined Check2

The long description prints on the following document in Payables Transaction Entry:

  • PM Blank Document

The long description dDoes not post to the general ledger.

2. Expand the view of fiscal periods

The window display length of the fiscal period’s window is extended to give you an expanded view of the fiscal periods.

3. Show user who posted for Journal Entry Inquiry

The Journal Entry Inquiry window now has a new field that shows the user who posted the entry.

The User Who Posted field shows for both open entries and historical entries.

4. Add a Class ID to Fixed Assets Transfer

The Class ID is now added to the scrolling window.

If you change the class ID, the assigned GL accounts will default and can be edited. The class ID is shown in the Fixed Assets Transfer and Fixed Assets Mass Transfer windows.

5. Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation

You can now attach documents in the following windows:

  • Bank Deposit Entry
  • The Bank Transaction Entry
  • Bank Deposit Entry Zoom
  • Bank Transaction Entry Zoom
6. Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch

In the Edit Payment Batch window, there is displayed a visual cue to identify vendors that are set up to receive EFT payments.

7. Show Check Number in Apply Sales Document window

In the Apply Sales Document window, you can now see the check or card number that was entered on the payment at the time of entry.

8. Payroll option to not include additional withholding

In the Build Payroll Checks window, you can now specify if the check must include additional federal, state, or local taxes. The fields are selected by default to retain existing functionality.

The additional withholding settings are saved with the Default ID.

9. Payables Integration to Payroll Enhancement

You can specify a remittance address ID for vendors for use when creating the invoice from Payroll.

A new Payroll Integration to the Payables Edit List report is now available from Posting Setup.

10. Deduction/Benefit Quick Assignment functionality

You can bulk-assign codes to one or more employees for the following codes:

  • Deduction Code (Payroll)
  • Benefit Code (Payroll)
  • Miscellaneous Benefit (HR)
  • Retirement Benefit (HR)Life Insurance (HR)
  • Health Insurance (HR

Go to the Quick Code Assignment window from the Deduction Setup window, and then mark all or unmark all or individually mark the employee(s) you want to assign the code to.

11. Exclude inactive records for HR benefit and Deduction lookups

You can switch between viewing all benefits and filtering out inactive benefits in the following windows:

  • Miscellaneous Benefit Setup / Miscellaneous Benefits Enrollment
  • Health Insurance Setup / Health Insurance Enrollment
  • Life Insurance Setup / Life Insurance Enrollment
  • Retirement Plan Setup / Retirement Plans Enrollment

You can also save the current view as the default view.

12. Employment history reason for change for all dates

The Reason field now captures the reason for the change to an employee’s information when the hire date, adjusted hire date, or last day worked fields are entered or edited in the Employee Maintenance window.

The same applies when the HR status is updated on the Employee HR Maintenance window that modifies those dates. The reasons and dates are then saved to the employment history for the employee.

13. Payroll Reprint pay statements by audit code

You can now reprint pay statements for an entire check run. In the Reprint Journals window, choose Reprint Pay Stub, specify the Audit Trail Code, and this will print a duplicate pay stub report for all employees included.

Top feature requests

1. Copy Report Option

You can now copy report options from another report to the current report, make changes, and save changes. This is a fast way to set standard values for different reports.

2. Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date

You can set date filters in the Item Stock Inquiry window to restrict the view. Choose to Redisplay to filter data based on the From and To dates.

3. Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List

You can now specify if you want to exclude inactive items from the Item Pricelist.

4. Minimize transaction when Go To is selected for PO that exists

The transaction window is minimized when you choose to Go To for a PO when you receive a warning that a PO exists for that vendor.

The purchasing transactions navigation list displays on the top and the Payables Transaction Entry remains open with the transaction entered.
Return to the transaction entry to post or delete the transaction.

5. Save setting for how to show new POs

You can now specify what happens when a new PO is created. You can show the message that new purchase orders have been created so the user can open the Purchase Order list, you can not show the message and just open the Purchase Order list, or you can not show the message and not display the Purchase Order list.

6. Inactive field added to Item SmartList

A new field, Inactive, is added to the default Item SmartList. You can add it as an available column to other SmartLists that are based on the Item list.

7. Show the User ID in the Item master table

Write the User ID to the item record when added or updated. You can add the field as a column in the Item SmartList query.

8. Paste from Excel in Web Client

You can now insert rows from Excel into the General Journal using the Dynamics GP web client.

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