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Dynamics GP Utilities Installation

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Dynamics GP Utilities Installation

This article provides the information about Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities Installation overview.

After you have installed Dynamics GP then you need to complete a number of additional configuration procedures. To do this, you will use an application called Dynamics GP Utilities.

Dynamics GP Utilities Overview

You’ll use Dynamics GP Utilities to complete the following process after you have installed software and data on a server computer.

  • Select whether to use custom or default settings to configure the system database.
  • Create SQL Server databases for Dynamics GP.
  • Deploy the predefined SQL Server Reporting Services reports that are included in Dynamics GP.
  • Then deploy the predefined Microsoft Excel reports that are included in Dynamics GP.
  • Create your account framework in GP and synchronize the Dynamics GP dictionary, if you are providing custom settings.
  • Select a default account framework in GP and synchronize the Dynamics GP dictionary, if you decide to use default settings.
  • Add the account sorting options, if you are providing custom settings.
  • Enter the password for the DYNSA user.
  • Set up the system password which controls the access to system management functions in Dynamics GP, if you are providing custom settings.
  • Synchronizing sample data to your account framework, if you installed the sample company.
  • Remove SOP and Invoicing message. This’ll lets you removes a message that appears every time when you enter a transaction in Sales Order Processing or Invoicing or if both modules are registered.
  • Create a SQLServer login for GP Web Client
  • Select the authentication type for the GP Web Client.
  • Create additional companies, as needed.

Installation Options in Dynamics Utilities

  • When using Dynamics GP Utilities you can select an installation options to use default settings or to provide your own custom settings.
  • If you select the Basic option, the account framework, the default settings for the system database, and system password are provided.
  • If you select the Advanced option, the account framework, you’ll provide the settings to create the database, and system password.

Preparing Dynamics GP for use with Default Settings

  • Use Dynamics GP Utilities to prepare GP for use. Complete this process when you install Dynamics GP for the first time. You need to do this only once.
  • With this process, you’ll select the Basic option in the Installation window to use default settings for the account framework, system database, and system password.
  • Check and install the most current update for Dynamics GP, before you use Dynamics GP Utilities.

Additional Installation Tasks

The Additional Tasks in Dynamics GP Utilities contains the following selections:

  • Add sample company data
  • Create a company
  • Remove SOP and Invoicing message
  • Update modified forms and reports
  • Synchronize forms and reports dictionaries
  • Manage Web Client SQL Server login
  • Manage user authentication

The Update modified reports and forms option is used when upgrading from a previous release and it isn’t used when you initially install Dynamics GP.

The Synchronize report and forms dictionaries option can be used at anytime when you want to synchronize your forms and reports to your account framework.

Adding Sample Company Data

  • You can add sample company data using, Fabrikam, Inc., to your Dynamics GP system to practice procedures.
  • If Dynamics GP feature is installed, the data sample for that feature will be included when adding sample data. When you are including the sample company, you can create LessonUser1 and LessonUser2 as sample users.
  • The users will have access only to Fabrikam, Inc. The process of adding company data may take some time.
  • When you create the sample company you can deploy BI components such as SQL Server Reporting Services reports.
  • If you have deployed reports for your system database, you can use the default report locations for the sample company.

Creating a Company

  • This option will create SQL tables that are necessary for your company data. You must have at least more than one company set up before you can start Dynamics GP.
  • When you create a company, you can deploy BI components, such as SQL Server Reporting Services reports.
  • You can select how to configure your company, when adding a company. You can use setup wizards to migrate data from Peachtree or Intuit QuickBooks and enter basic configuration options, or you can configure the company later using the Setup Checklist window in Dynamics GP.
  • To use a setup wizard to configure or migrate data, you must download and install the Rapid Implementation Tools for Dynamics GP. If you have not installed the Rapid Implementation Tools, select the download and install the wizards link in the Company Setup Options window.

Removing SOP and Invoicing Message

  • Return to Dynamics GP Utilities and complete the task after you have set up Sales Order Processing.
  • The following message will appear every time you enter a transaction in Sales Order Processing or Invoicing, if both modules are registered: “Sales Order Processing and Invoicing modules are both installed.
  • They do not share information. Transactions should be entered in single module only.” To remove this message, select Remove Invoicing and SOP message in the Additional Tasks window and click Process, then follow the instructions in the window.

Managing the Web Client SQL Server Login

  • Make use of Manage Web Client SQL Server Login window to modify or create a SQL Server login for Dynamics GP Web Client.
  • By utilizing the single Web Client SQL Server login, each web client user can access the web client by providing their standard Windows login credentials instead of using their own SQL Server login.
  • During the initial Dynamics GP installation you can also create the SQL Server login then each web client session can use the login to access SQL Server.

Managing User Authentication

  • Utilize the Manage user authentication process to change the authentication type for this Dynamics GP.
  • If there are accounts assigned for the current authentication type, the assigned accounts will be deleted when the authentication type is changed.
  • You can’t change the authentication type if there is any active workflow or a workflow that is currently pending in user action.
  • During the earlier Dynamics GP installation, you can select an authentication type. If you have upgraded to this version of Dynamics GP from a previous release, the authentication type was set to Windows Account simultaneously.

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