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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

Locus IT specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support. We at Locus IT have Top CRM consultants providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support and hosting expertise that enables organisations to grow, achieve higher rates of customer satisfaction and make processes more efficient. And most Importantly Locus IT is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner providing full advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We have been designing and building Dynamics CRM systems for small to large businesses since 2007 that are tailored to their individual needs.

We Provide the Best Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

  • Personalize every contact with a customer. View a customer and a case history instantly
  • Access the system from a tablet, desktop, or mobile phone. Great for field service agents
  • Assign cases rapidly to the right support staff with intelligent case routing
  • Tailor service to customer’s SLA and use notifications to ensure the agreement’s conditions are never missed

Empower Your Sales Staff

  • Resolve cases quicker with intelligence from colleagues and from case history at your fingertips
  • Utilize the tools for your customers prefer like chat, Skype, social, email or phone

Around the Clock Service

  • Solve customer issues 24 hours a day
  • Keep customers updated with automated email status updates
  • You can monitor social media to respond queries and raise support tickets
  • With create feedback systems we can improve your products and services
  • 24/7 Support Services

Monitor Performance Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support

  • Identify and react to case trends
  • View live service stats such as average response time and resolution time
  • Learn more about customer behavior with deep analysis tools

About our Team 

  • Locus IT‘s technical team performs many tasks. We always assist with things such as integrations with configuration to Exchange, SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive, Mobile App and Office 365 groups.
  • Business is growing. Your customer base is increasing. You want to target new customers and turn them into loyal users.
  • If you are not sure where to Switch when it comes to your Dynamics CRM, then our Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support is for you.
  • We clearly know the business requirements, so your business is not just a number to us. With a dedicated training and competitive SLA, we’ll support you all the ways.
  • No question is a senseless question, we will always ready to answer all your questions or queries, from day to day issues through upgrades. We always be there to help you with our flexible support packages.

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