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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

This article is about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing and its Benefits and Features.

As a marketer, you need to create a amazing customer experiences across each and every channels. In the mean while, you need to understand the impact of your marketing investments.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing helps you drive revenue by planning campaigns more strategically, executing across channels more effectively, and measuring the impact of your marketing investments in real-time. Now you can able to manage and optimize your marketing and sales funnel with a single integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Benefits

Corporate Marketing / Demand Generation

  • Improved conversion rates
  • More personalized messages
  • Pipeline & revenue impact measurement for every campaign

Creative / Advertising

  • Span the traditional & digital divide
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Measure asset performance

Social / Digital / Web

  • Ability to measure real ROI
  • Greater insight across sales performance and marketing pipeline
  • Access approved library of web-ready content

CMO / Marketing Executive

  • Manage spend across marketing campaigns
  • Understand cost of acquisition across channels
  • True understanding of marketing ROI

Dynamics CRM Marketing Highlights

Planning Built in from the Start

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing, your plan becomes the campaign, ensuring every interaction is tracked back to its source and marketers can easily measure the impact of their campaigns.

Everyone on the Same Page

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing lets you easily manage multiple campaigns and resources across teams and geographies.

Easy Campaign Creation and Management

Drag-and-drop campaign developed and automated marketing triggers make it easy to execute campaigns and create an optimal customer experience.

Built-in Events

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing includes event management so you can track costs, venues, events, and registrations, and measure marketing ROI, just like any other marketing tactic.

Powerful Analytics

Power BI make it easy to calculate campaign performance and marketing ROI.

Notable Features

Visual Campaign Design Console

Drag-n-drop, multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns

Lead Management & Scoring

Score prospect engagement and pass leads automatically

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Connector

Pre-built, easy-touse integration passes leads quickly between marketing and sales

Marketing Resource Management

Unify the team around the strategy and capture costs

Marketing Analytics

Dashboards, reports, and Excel Power View measure ROI

Market Smarter Use Cases

Engage Customers

Connect prospects with exact content through multi-channel, multi-stage campaigns. Behavioral data and powerful analytics allows you to understand how your brand is perceived, and what your customers need, so you can plan effectively and reach them on their right channel with the exact message at the right time.

Build Pipeline

Automatic lead qualification process pass great leads to sales in real-time. Automated lead scoring, Behavioral data, and lead sharing all help ensure that sales is getting more leads and more leads of the right kind help to increase revenue and close more deals faster.

Demonstrate Impact

Revenue results and measure pipeline across every marketing investment. Power BI and Marketing analytics let you track your impact across campaigns and channels for a true view of your marketing ROI.

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