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Enabling Telemetry for Dynamics CRM Online

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Enabling Telemetry for Dynamics CRM Online

This article shows you how to get data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Telemetry using Azure Application Insights. It contains the complete process of adding Application Insights script to your application, capturing data, and data visualization.

Add Application Insights to existing or new CRM Online Instance

To monitor your application, you can add a Application Insights SDK to your application. The SDK sends Dynamics CRM telemetry to the Application Insights portal, where you can use our powerful analysis and diagnostic tools, or export the data to storage.

Create an Application Insights Resource in Azure

  1. Get an account in Microsoft Azure.
  2. Sign up to the Azure portal and add a new Application Insights resource. This is where your data will be processed and displayed.
  3. Choose ASP.NET as the application type.
  4. Follow the important instructions to get the JavaScript SDK script for your app, copy the JavaScript snippet and make sure to replace the Instrumentation Key with the correct value for your Application Insights resource.

Create a JavaScript Web Resource in Dynamics CRM

  • Open your CRM Online instance and signup with administrator privileges.
  • Open Dynamics CRM Settings, Customizations, Customize the System
  • Create a JavaScript resource.
  • Give a name, select Script and open the text editor.
  • Copy the script code from the Application Insights JavaScript SDK in which you configured the Instrumentation Key before. While copying, make sure to ignore script tags.
  • Save and publish.

Instrument Forms

  1. In Microsoft CRM Online, open the Account form
  2. Open the form Properties
  3. Add the JavaScript web resource that you created
  4. Save and publish your form customizations.

Metrics Captured

You have now set up the telemetry capture for the form. Whenever it is going to be used, data will be sent to your Application Insights resource.

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