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Axapta or AX for Healthcare Industry

In today’s world of affordable healthcare and value-based medicine, healthcare organizations are struggling to simultaneously increase operational/financial transparency, while also increasing efficiency and access to care. The health care industry is undergoing significant changes. Clinician shortages, time and cost pressures and increased patient needs create a number of challenges for health organizations trying to improve patient experiences and outcomes. As Microsoft Dynamics Axapta is an emerging technology makes its way into the health care space there are new implications surrounding cybersecurity, organizational and workforce management and overall business models.


Microsoft Dynamics Axapta provide healthcare organizations with greater information insight, allowing professionals to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on patient care, which will result in greater client loyalty, increased referrals, and a service that gives you a competitive edge. A solution driven approach should be considered while implementing systems to achieve better returns.

Locus IT empowers HealthCare Industry with the tools & information that enables the business to be more competitive. Our solutions are designed to help you streamline clinical, financial and operational processes, maximize insight across your healthcare continuum, and achieve your mission to deliver the best patient care possible.


Locus IT combines the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Axapta along with the Business Intelligence features to provide a customized practical solution, as well as educate your users, and support your system including

  • Core financials. From General Ledger to Financial Reporting, Advanced Analytics, Budgeting and Forecasting, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets, we implement comprehensive solutions addressing all of the financial and business needs of integrated healthcare systems.
  • Plan, visualize, and change your business by using unified natural models. Gain real-time insight to funding and expenditure across multiple business units.
  • Microsoft Dynamics provides a strong integration platform. It integrates seamlessly, reliably and can be completely automated with things like clinical payroll or virtually anything else.
  • Payroll and HR management. Drive user adoption with a solution that is familiar and simple to use. Manage sensitive payroll information with greater control and security.
  • Multiple deployment Options. Provide 24/7 access to payer/patient information anywhere, on any device or browser.
  • Materials management. Access to the right supplies when and where they are needed is essential to high-quality healthcare. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta delivers you the visibility into material requirements in order to achieve more effective resource planning, reduce stock outages and drive down inventory costs.
  • Regulatory compliance. We help healthcare organizations connect systems and implement practices and procedures which are the foundation for achieving and maintaining regulatory compliances.
  • Patient Relationship Management and Case Management. Coordinate delivery of patient care throughout the organization with easy access to all patient records. Develop more efficient and effective case management. Increase time spent on patient-focused activities.
  • Financial Reporting and Business Intelligence. Turn data into information. Dashboard reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other reporting extend the functionality of your business systems.

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