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MS Dynamics AX 2012 to F&O Upgrade

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MS Dynamics AX 2012 to F&O Upgrade

MS Dynamics AX 2012 to F&O Upgrade provides an upgrade path for customers who are currently running Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, can utilize to move their data and code to Finance and Operations. The upgrade process is built on the following elements:

  • Tools to help you bring forward existing custom application code from AX 2012.
  • A data upgrade process that you can use to bring your database forward. Therefore, you can upgrade your full transactional history.

MS Dynamics AX 2012 to F&O Upgrade Process

The overall upgrade process can be visualized as three overarching phases: Analyze, Execute, and Validate.

1. Analyze

The activities in the Analyze phase help you estimate the effort that is required for the upgrade. They also help you prepare a project plan. These activities can be done before you buy Finance and Operations. They will help you make an informed purchase decision by providing a data point about the effort and resources that you will require.

  • Sign up for a Finance and Operations LCS trial or partner project
  • Select the upgrade methodology
  • Run the upgrade analyzer
  • Run the Code upgrade estimation tools
  • Deploy a demo environment
  • Create a project plan

2. Execute

During the Execute phase, you work through the tasks that you planned during the Analyze phase. To move to the Execute phase, you must purchase Finance and Operations, and you must have available resources that can work on the upgrade.

  • Switch to the LCS implementation project
  • Perform the AX 2012 preparation tasks
  • Perform code upgrade
  • Develop new code
  • Data upgrade (development environment)
  • Data upgrade (sandbox environments)

3. Validate

When you enter the Validate phase, you will have available environments that include your upgraded custom code and your upgraded data. This phase describes the process of validating and testing that the upgraded environment works as desired. It also describes the process of preparing for go-live.

  • Perform cutover testing and create a cutover plan
  • Functional test pass
  • Pre-go-live checklist
  • Go live

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 F&O Upgrade requires a deep knowledge of AX code base coupled with the Product functionality, creating the need for companies to engage with a Partner. We at Locus IT provide such upgradation services. For more information, please contact us.

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