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Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Partner

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Partner

Locus IT is a Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Partner and we delivers flexibility and agility that growing companies need to support business today and to be prepared for the future.

We provide you with the guidance, advice, and support that you need to make Dynamics AX a success for your company. Our Dynamics AX support service is managed in-house and each Locus IT client also has a dedicated account manager. Our support lines are always open in business hours and email support requests can be sent 24 hours a day.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Partner Benefits

Locus IT delivers a high quality support service. We are here to help. Our service support is backed by SLA’s to make sure we meet each and every client’s individual support requirements.

  • We can help through our telephone or remote access software support.
  • Our staffing members visit your premises on-site if your query or issue cannot be resolved remotely.
  • We offer additional services including project management, software development, installation, implementation and training.

Locus IT is a highly skilled accredited Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Partner. We have a dedicated Dynamics AX technical team with extensive working knowledge of the software who are able to apply practical and customisable business solutions using the application. Our team can support you throughout the implementation of Dynamics AX, as well as providing dedicated user support and training.

Our technical team can also offer your business ongoing guidance, advice and support to ensure Dynamics AX is scalable and adaptable to the changing needs of your business, including the implementation of added applications such as advanced business reporting, mobile warehouse, document management and e-commerce systems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Software with Add-ons

There is a wide range of modules and add-ons available for Dynamics AX to enrich your ERP solution and support even more advanced ERP processes. These products include a solution for WMS barcode systems, mobile users, e-commerce and much more.

A Comprehensive Package

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the most powerful ERP software in the world. With these solution you can integrate the management of a host of functions: production, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, trade and logistics, finance, CRM, HR, environmental systems, compliance and much more.
Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you:

  • Total Control – Make informed decisions without delay
  • Streamline Processes – Eliminate overlap, improve communication

A Long-Term Proposition

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a clear, long-term product road map, designed to add value not just now but into the future. Get the effectiveness of your business processes today and always be ready to adapt to the technical architectures of tomorrow, like cloud computing.
  • Innovative – You need to keep forefront of technical developments
  • Future Proof – Explore new paradigms rapidly and cost-effectively

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