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Dynamics AX for Retail Industry

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Dynamics AX for Retail Industry

Dynamics AX Retail is one of the quickest developing sectors in the world right now. With the emergence of e-commerce and multi-channel selling, AX for retail has evolved from just selling products in-store to shoppers being able to view and buy products from the comfort of their own homes.

Retailers need to ensure that everyone in the company has the most up-to-date information to meet their customer’s needs. The Dynamics AX retail sector is made up of a series of sub-sectors and managing them proficiently is imperative to maintain or increase the profits.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Industry?

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Enterprise is a very comprehensive business software solution designed for global enterprises, fully supporting their Dynamics AX retail-specific and operational business processes, as well as providing comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial management.

Locus IT combines the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX with a business centric approach to replace disparate systems and helps deliver businesses—from the midsize retailer to the conglomerate—in many different industries a unified view of the organization.

This reduces complexity for retailers, allowing them to focus on what matters most: empowering their employees to drive productivity and deliver the personalized customer service that differentiates in today’s marketplace.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail offers the “Power of Choice” with the following feature highlights:

  • Omni-Channel Management

A single commerce engine to run all channels of the retailers business (store, website, marketplace or other) with cross-channel flows, insight, and analytics.

  • Modern Point of Sales (Dynamics AX POS)

A flexible Dynamics AX POS with drag and drop functionality for customization, enhanced item page views along with powerful capabilities such as on-account, global voucher, returns management, info codes, returns/voids/ markdowns, inventory receipt/lookup/counts and others.

  • Store Operations

Superior store systems to control the user roles, interfaces, and hardware to customer order management at the Point of Sale (POS).

  • Merchandising

Capabilities include global and local management of products and custom attributes; unlimited categories for enhanced category and assortment management; and innovation to manage matrix and other inventory types.

  • e-Commerce

Fully integrated, enterprise-class online storefront with content management via industry standard tools with a complete solution integration out of box and management at head-quarters including catalog, orders, shipping, payments, shopping cart, refiners and more

  • Customer Care

Identifying trends and offer personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data. Make use of the shared document repositories to maintain a comprehensive history of the customer available throughout the organization.

  • Social Commerce

Implementing promotions, discounts, coupons and more via social sites; enable recall and/or redemption through other channels.

  • Order Management in Dynamics AX Retail

Create orders and quotations by pulling inventory from any channel or location; Accept, fulfill, and track standard and special orders. Perform price checks and inventory checks and manage inventory reservations.

  • Replenishment

Comprehensively manage purchasing, requisition, and replenishment processes. Monitor supplier performances to help minimize the risk of supply chain disruption.

  • Global Reach and Scalability

Scale your solution as business develops; add stores and distribution centers locally and internationally. Easily and effectively operates across geographies and locations with flexible deployment options and built-in support for 38 nations and 40 languages.

  • Financial Management in Dynamics AX Retail

Quickly create unlimited, form-based financial dimensions that can be shared across legal entities for a complete business view, audit trail transparency, and detailed analyses for instance on profitability by store. Transform budget info into precise, workflow driven management tools and also set up, view, and manage encumbrances.

Locus IT has worked across the Dynamics AX Retail industry and helped them track products in real-time from the manufacturer to the retailer by seamlessly connecting their business systems with personal productivity tools using Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Locus IT is a Microsoft Dynamics AX partner, our services and solutions help our clients accomplish specific goals and address unique operational challenges in AX for Retail industry.

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