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Dynamics AX in Pharmaceutical Industry

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Dynamics AX in Pharmaceutical Industry

AX for Pharma is a commercial off-the-shelf solution that provides Dynamics AX pharmaceutical and life sciences companies with a complete integrated enterprise resource planning, laboratory information management system and manufacturing execution system. Today, the pharmaceutical industry is facing numerous business challenges such as radical healthcare reforms, stringent regulatory requirements, a demanding and discerning customer base, alarming global competition and unpredictable market trends.

Consumers are looking for healthcare products of supreme quality at compelling prices which is driving pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to look for solutions to reduce cost, streamline operations and maximize efficiency. This has led to an increased need for ERP systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Addressing The Challenges Of Complexity And Compliance

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Pharma or Pharmaceutical companies manage the variables that threaten growth, including shelf life constraints, cost pressures, competition from generic and over-the-counter drugs, and strict regulatory requirements for manufacturing and product approvals.

AX Life-cycle product management

  • Support Dynamics AX pharmaceutical product production and distribution, from initial planning to final execution, with robust data capture and measurement tools that track and follow critical information as it travels across the supply chain, identify any areas of weakness, inefficiency or resource drain to improve margin.

Formula Management

  • Allows you to maintain % based formulations with different formulations based on production lot size.
  • Provides full support for active/potent ingredients, and calculates production quantities based on actual lot potency.
  • Version Control, change management, co and by products with bulk and packaging formula management are other features.

AX Inventory Management

  • Lot attributes allow you to define key attributes of ingredients and products, and track actual values throughout the supply chain.
  • Ingredient and product lot dispositions let you control the availability of individual lots in stock.
  • Lot traceability provides full backward and forward trace of ingredients and products
  • Bulk ingredients and products can be managed in inventory and production using catch weights.

AX Sales Management

  • FEFO, single lot picking and residual shelf life control how items are picked for customer orders.
  • Products restrictions allow you to control geographically where products are sold.
  • Rebate Management lets you track customer rebate and trade allowances.

AX Production Management

  • Percentage based formulations, active or potent ingredients, version-controlled, change management, co- and by-products, bulk and packaging formulas and lot number inheritance.
  • Production campaigns can be used to sequence production through production resources.
  • Bulk product and multiple packaging SKUs can be managed in a single view with production containerization.
  • Products can be reformulated using rework orders.

Audit and Controls

  • Access to data and processes can be controlled through role based security, and electronic signatures can be used throughout the system to provide an additional level of control.
  • Database log provides a full audit trail of who changed what and when.
  • Workflow can be enabled to streamline and control approval and release processes.
  • Quality management can be used in Purchasing and Production.
  • Procurement of key ingredients can be controlled using approved vendors.

Enterprise-wide, single-platform visibility and control

  • Streamlining and automating the control and management of tremendous volumes of operational data
  • Reducing and eliminating the direct and indirect costs associated with inaccuracies, time investments and poor decision making

Locus IT understands the unique requirements of Dynamics AX Pharmaceutical businesses, and provides full implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics AX. We also provide Microsoft Dynamics Axapta support, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta upgrade, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta training, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta implementation. If you’re a mid-sized or enterprise Pharmaceutical business and are considering an ERP project, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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