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Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Industries

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Dynamics AX for Manufacturing Industries

The Dynamics AX manufacturing industry is highly dynamic and competitive in nature. Being able to meet the constantly evolving demands and expectations of customers, managing statutory/regulatory compliances, staying abreast with the aggressive industrial environment, planning and stocking inventory and most importantly, manufacturing optimum quality products consistently are some of the prominent and difficult challenges faced by manufacturing & assembly plants and companies.

Designed for midsize and larger companies, Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) is a multilingual and multicurrency enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite with core strengths in Dynamics AX manufacturing. With complete end-to-end scalability and flexibility, Dynamics AX enables multi-national companies to take control of operations and promote growth.

Dynamics AX Capabilities

The primary objective of Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing is to empower workers in a wide range of manufacturing businesses access specific information easily and securely with the tools they need to perform their individual roles, from a single solitary source from any location around the world. This enabled each manufacturing business to run, and also continuously improve, its own complex MS Dynamics AX manufacturing processes, across multiple sites and geographies.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers major features to respond specifically to the needs of the manufacturing sector:

Product Information Management

  • Centralize management of products and services across the organization, including bill-of-materials (discrete manufacturing), formulas (process manufacturing) and variant and configurable products.

AX Discrete Manufacturing

  • Supports any type of production process: contract, single or in series, or that occurs for the warehouse
  • Optimize production and materials planning, forecasting, and scheduling while executing multiple production strategies like configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order.

AX Process Manufacturing

  • Supports the process industry (particularly the chemical and the pharmaceutical sector) in the management of formulas and recipes, and also co-products and by-products.
  • Electronic signatures and Audit Trail allow full traceability of all information.
  • Analyze and monitor production costs and requirements for each sales order component using graphical representations of multilevel formulas and recipes to better manage multilevel formulas or recipes, co-products and by-products, electronic signatures, and packaging options.

AX Lean Manufacturing

  • Allows you to plan, track and perform refueling operations and optimizing production workflows within the processes
  • Model manufacturing and logistics processes and use kanbans to signal demand requirements.

Shop Floor Control

  • Gives the detailed insight into the production environment by automating the collection of employee schedule information and production data.

Warehouse Management

  • Allows full traceability of batches and serial number, from purchase to sale.
  • Use the cross-docking to move the packages of products in a warehouse with limited or absent storage.

Quality Control

  • Quality control process is managed in all its aspects, from receiving raw materials to the production phase, the payments of semi-finished and finished products.
  • Helps to manage the turnaround time when dealing with nonconforming products and links diagnostic results to correction tasks to rectify problems and prevent future recurrences.

Forecast Scheduling

  • Enables the long term planning of materials and capacity by calculating gross requirements based on forecasts.

Resource Management

  • Helps to identify the long term staffing requirements by providing a skills library for tracking employee skills, experience, certifications, and other distinctions.
  • A search tool within the module matches the employee skills with the availability offering best fit scheduling options.

Work Order Management with Job Costing

  • Aids in developing more flexible business structures by specifying the crucial cost saving opportunities.

Job Scheduling and Sequencing

  • Allows detailed capacity planning and has the ability to separate each operation into individual tasks.
  • Job scheduling allows for the synchronization of a production order’s with other jobs with flexibility to specify start and finish times.

Locus IT has worked with many Axapta Manufacturing Industries by providing AX Manufacturing support to develop, implement, and improve on their ERP solution. If you have questions about how Microsoft Dynamics AX can address and solve your manufacturing challenges, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to consult with you to refine your current system or create a customized solution for you.

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