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Dynamics AX Integration with Magento

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Dynamics AX Integration with Magento

When performing the MS Dynamics AX Integration with Magento, one needs to keep the complex business functionalities intact. Customers from these industries are very conservative regarding their data. They generally do not change their shopping habits.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ERP system which is suitable for midsize to large enterprises. This solution is suitable for manufacturing and distribution industries. The ERP can be installed both on-premises or on the cloud. Dynamics AX is also known for core accounting. Dynamics Axapta offers the functionalities for warehouse and transportation management along with inventory control etc.

Most of the global companies adopt because of its ability to support multi-language and multi-currency functionality. The repetitive orders, make-to-order or stock kind of B2B complex strategies are easily implemented in AX. The automobile industries who handle light assembly and engineer-to-order manufacturing process are prominent users of AX.

Dynamics AX Integration with Magento Challenges

  • Repeated orders

There would be recurring orders are quite common in these industries and MS Dynamics AX is the best for handling recurring profiles. But, when it comes to MS Dynamics AX with Magento, you need an additional extension to configure the repeated orders.

Repeat orders, while the process itself is simple, demands a certain workflow to be executed. These workflows are specific to companies. A plain vanilla Magento Dynamics AX integration can’t handle these custom requirements.

  • Split orders

The customers from these industries prefer to order in bulk. So, they prefer to split the order. Drop shipping, Place order, ship order at a different location are the shipment options popular amongst customers. With these business options, configuring the data and making sure the flow of cash and the details are placed at the right place on two different systems is yet another challenge that a standard MS AX with Magento integration cannot handle.

  • Charge back

Manufacturing and engineering are the big industries. People across the globe trade them. Hence, these fraudulent activities in these industries create a great loss to the company. It is mandatory to verify each order. Dynamics AX with Magento automation workflow needs a special setup in order to pass them from being confirmed.

Many companies thus take a fraud detection tool/ solution before they confirm an order. This creates an additional challenge. Introducing another system in the workflow needs customization of the Dynamics AX Integration platform.

  • Time-consuming to implement

Microsoft Dynamics AX is known for its customizations. It requires expertise to handle. Most choose MS Axapta to fully leverage on its customization capabilities. While this is extraordinary for the day to day operations, integration of such an AX instance with Magento is quite challenging.

The AX customizations must be carefully mapped and an impact analysis must be performed before the integration happens. A thorough testing in most of the scenarios, reveals minor glitches. Consider the above points, AX users must assume a AX with Magento integration takes more time than other ERPs.

  • Product Data Management or core engineering

Engineering and manufacturing companies often maintain core product development lifecycle data. Some companies sell the spare parts all through the product life cycle. So, maintaining the product data management as separate inventory and part of Product information lifecycle are very important. It needs an extra care. Thus product catalogs with product information are maintained in CAD solution and then deployed to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

When handling such type of industries, the PDM and PIM data needs to be in synch with Magento so that the information is used by sales channels to reach their sales targets. This is a custom requirement specific to some industries and can add to the complexity of the integration project.

Locus IT has experience in building custom integration solutions to clients from various industries. Over the past years, we have helped clients from various industries like Fashion and Apparel, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Distribution, etc. Our clients also use a myriad of ERPs. To know more about how we can help please contact us.

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