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Dynamics AX for Distribution Industry

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Dynamics AX for Distribution Industry

Today, achievement in the Dynamics AX distribution industry involves much more than operational efficiency. New distribution channels keep on developing, while existing channels expand with new approaches, such as global sourcing, cross-sell capabilities, third-party logistics and radio frequency identification (RFID). Dynamics AX Distribution Management companies have to implement more advanced management solutions to cope with these changes.

A dynamic and flexible approach is key to finding more effective means of warehousing and delivery, and returning these efficiency savings to your customers’ bottom line. Microsoft Dynamics AX empowers distributors to manage and streamline every aspect of their businesses, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management.

Benefits for your Dynamics AX Distribution Business

Microsoft Dynamics AX unites aspects of your business such as people, operations, and partners and streamlines them to help you manage issues ranging from sustainability, cost volatility, and multi-channel pressures complexities and also utilize newer opportunities.

  • Optimize Warehouse Layout – Control how items are stored and moved throughout your warehouse for optimal efficiency by defining storage zones, and by establishing high and low priority storing areas for goods, and faster picking and packing processes.
  • Increase Warehouse Efficiency – Streamline and automate your entire, end-to-end warehousing process, from route planning for pick & pack to automated inventory replenishment.
  • Customer Satisfaction – You can reserve items for customers, including items from a specific location or batch, while entering a sales order. Track your relationship with manufacturers and customers so that you can make sure you have all the information you need for each sales opportunity.
  • Dynamics AX Supplychain Visibility – Get a complete picture of your inventory availability, sales, shipping schedules, and all other data required to manage your Dynamics AX Supplychain efficiently.
  • Optimize the Inventory Levels – A strong forecasting functionality that supports long-term planning helps you to optimize inventory levels. You can setup sales and purchase forecasts based on items and time periods and use an unlimited number of forecast models to simulate various future scenarios.
  • Flexible Management of Bills of Material – An infinite number of BOM levels can be managed effectively and accurate consumption of raw materials can be calculated using formulas specific to each component. The MRP functionality helps achieve more accurate lead time calculations when scheduling production.
  • Forecast Customer Demand – Spot customer trends and ensure your deliveries reach the correct destination on the right date in the right time slots with more accurate distribution planning.
  • AX for Transportation Management – The Dynamics AX for transportation management module in Microsoft Dynamics AX completes the process by providing a complete view of the distribution process. It integrates with the inventory, warehouse, and sales modules to provide complete visibility of inventory and transportation costs.
  • Demand Planning – MS Dynamics AX also empowers enhanced demand planning which allows you to generate statistical baseline forecasts with customizable dynamic dimension sets.

Understanding the business volatility of the distribution business, Locus IT has helped many companies and organizations to adopt ERP solutions that are powered on Microsoft Dynamics AX. We have the expertise to provide intelligent technology platforms that will support your wholesale business, whatever challenges and changes you face.

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