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MS Dynamics 365 Connected Store

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MS Dynamics 365 Connected Store

The MS Dynamics 365 Connected Store data is collected in Common Data Service, which makes it possible for analysts and developers to create customized insights and integrate this new class of data into existing D365 workflows.

MS  D365 Connected Store provides the tools necessary to measure the performance of your physical spaces to make informed, data-driven decisions that help optimize your entire operation, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

MS Dynamics 365 Connected Store is a new product that helps store managers understand and m manage their connected physical spaces.

  • Grow in-market retail profitability with actionable insights by using data from cloud-connected sensors.
  • Use Artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to turn observational data captured in your store into insights that managers and employees can act on.

MS Dynamics 365 Connected Store Feature

1. Customer Demographics
  • Understand the demographic breakdown (age and gender) of the customers visiting your store.
  • Base merchandising decisions on who is actually coming into your store.
  • All data is anonymous.
2. Foot Traffic
  • Understand your customer traffic with people count data.
  • Make informed decisions based on customer traffic to help evaluate the effectiveness of in-store advertising campaigns, sales promotions, and product placement.
3. Notifications
  • Set up and configure push notifications that allow you to react faster to incidents and events.
  • Trigger actions based on in-store occurrences, such as long checkout lines or refrigerator maintenance warnings, to improve response times and customer experience.
4. Scheduled Reports
  • With weather and event information, plan ahead for changes in demographics and foot traffic and easily share this information with your teams and organizational leaders.
  • Receive daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of your retail spaces.
5. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Understand the health of critical physical assets such as refrigerators and coolers through IoT device monitoring.
  • Reduce manual asset monitoring through IoT device data integration and receive notifications when temperatures exceed the safe thresholds you set.
6. Store Heat Map
  • Optimize store layout and flow using heat map data.
  • Configure your space to attract customers to high-profit-margin areas based on customer dwell and foot-traffic heat maps.

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