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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade brings together Microsoft’s well-established Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions into a single product offering.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers an extremely flexible licensing structure that will allow businesses to deliver just the functionality required for different teams and individuals across the business.

Locus IT’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 services provide companies with a peerless combination of consistency, quality and predictability. Our team are experts in managing successful upgrades. We draw from our deep experience, using a disciplined delivery approach coupled with the power of new upgrade tools, to reduce costs for our clients and maximize return on investment.

Our team is there to make sure that business drivers are always front and center, and to prove that those objectives are met. Our comprehensive Dynamics 365 strategy includes:

  • Ongoing investments in Dynamics 365 add-on products.
  • Powerful partnerships.
  • Unsurpassed implementation experience.
  • End-to-end services.
  • Unique industry business process modelling tools.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade Benefits

The key benefits of Dynamics 365 upgrade are:

  • High speed of deployment
  • Unrivaled flexibility and agility
  • Potential for significant cost savings
  • Close integration of all the business systems with a Common Data Model
  • Greater business insights and efficiencies
  • Improved productivity, customer service and business performance

Perhaps most importantly, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 vision aims to free businesses from monolithic, inflexible business systems that, traditionally, have taken years to develop and deploy, and years to gain any semblance of user adoption and acceptance. To support organisations through any potential Microsoft Dynamics 365 upgrade, we’ve defined a five-stage upgrade path, beginning with a detailed business analysis to understand if it’s the right decision.

The five-stage upgrade path is a structured upgrade path to support our clients. These form a continuous solution framework, based on common principles that Locus IT follows from the start of any client engagement, Microsoft D365 implementation and throughout the Life Cycle of the support services agreement.

  • Discovery

Assessing the scope of existing solutions to determine if upgrading is right for the business.

  • Analysis

A deep dive into technical elements to determine the cost of upgrading.

  • Construction

Building foundations to enable upgrade.

  • Transition

Seamless upgrade to Dynamics 365 using the depth of Locus IT expertise and Microsoft tools.

  • Operations

Providing ongoing support and maximizing ROI.

Locus IT‘s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade team keeps any possible business disruption to a minimum and supports the cultural transformation needed to make any upgrade a success. From analysis to project implementation to support services, we follow a mature, well thought-out life-cycle that doesn’t end once the solution is implemented.

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