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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support

Locus IT’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support services provide companies with a peerless combination of consistency, quality and predictability. We offer clients a wide portfolio of enhanced and extended products or services. We understand that the businesses differ and operations vary that’s why we’ve built flexibility into our support service.

An ERP implementation is a requires a lot of resource and financial investments. While Microsoft’s ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables businesses to completely transform businesses performance, it also comes equipped with some of the best possible post-implementation support-services packages in the market.

As well as our high quality Standard Support, we offer optional Enhanced Support levels, designed to offer customers an array of popular services. Enhanced Support Hours are also available on an ad-hoc basis, should you need cover for a crucial business period or annually for consistent peace of mind.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support Benefits

  • 24 hour support

We have the resources such as a 24 hour support team if you require a 24 hour support package.

  • Specialist team

Our Dynamics 365 support staff are well experienced and certified in Microsoft product support

  • Standard and Enhanced Options

Since Businesses differ and operations vary – we’ve built flexibility into our support service.

As part of our commitment to working with you to drive continuous business improvement and ensuring you achieve the maximum benefit from your solution, we offer system health checks in different areas of your business. Having the best-in-breed tools can enable any organization to provide a world-class customer service/support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support provides a single platform to expertly support your customers. Our Microsoft Dynamics Support Services team specializes in making sure your organisation’s investment in Microsoft Dynamics is fully maximized

D365 Support Plans

  • Subscription Dynamics 365 support plan

Is included with every cloud subscription. It offers basic support services and technical resources that allow you to seamlessly carry out day-to-day tasks while staying focused on your business. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support plan is ideal for small businesses that operate in a simple environment and use a full-service partner.

  • Enhanced Dynamics 365 support plan

Offers quick responses to support requests as well as access to training material and expert engineers to keep your business running smoothly. This support plan is ideal for small businesses that run production applications and need a faster response time.

  • Professional direct support plan

Enables you to get fast, direct access to expert support whenever you need it. This support plan is ideal for medium and large businesses that operate a 24×7 production requirement and require expert advice for critical service issues.

Choose the support plan that meets your needs and get access to technical resources that help you stay focused on your business and improve performance. With a managed service subscription, Locus IT handles everything from help desk requests, user training, implementing change requests, project management, technical consultancy and development work.

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