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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

This document provides information about known issues and workarounds for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing.


  • Trials are subject to the D365 for Marketing trial limits and restrictions.
  • You can’t utilize the sign-up process to add more users to a D365 for Marketing trial that is running on a trial tenant without a mailbox set up for the organization admin. Rather, each new user must be included a specified way.
  • You can’t sign-up using email address.

Configuration, Installation and First-run Experience

Known issues

  • The setup procedure can take up to two hours. The procedure may restart automatically during this time, which can result in multiple success notifications being sent to you by email address.

Fixed issues

  • You will now always receive an email summarizing the outcome of your setup.

Customer Journeys

Known issues

  • Triggers set to respond to a particular “link clicked” after an email tile show multiple options for the same link. These triggers might not work accurately because clicks are not always attributed to the correct link.
  • Deactivated contacts won’t receive any emails from journeys they were participating in, however they might continue to be included in other actions, such as tasks and workflows.
  • Insights for journeys, emails, and D365 for marketing pages may take up to six hours to show.
  • If you stop a live customer journey, and then add contacts to the target segment and restart the journey, these additional contacts might receive emails sent by this journey more than once.

Fixed issues

  • Users can now check and verify for errors on both the General and Designer tabs of a customer journey.
  • The snapshot preview generated for a customer journey now shows in all tiles.

Dynamics 365 Segmentation

Known issues

  • Dynamics 365 Segmentation names can’t have spaces use underscores instead.
  • You can’t include lookup fields among your Dynamics 365 segmentation.
  • Metadata utilized for building conditions and drop-downs appeared on the designer isn’t localized for non-English organizations.
  • The Save button is not visible on the command bar after the initial save of the Dynamics 365 segmentation. Use the Save button in the lower-right corner of the page.
  • When it is trying to estimate the size of a segment where the query doesn’t end in a contact, the system displays a server communication error. To correct error, make sure your Dynamics 365 segmentation definition closes with a clause that links to the contact entity as described in Design profile-based dynamic segments.
  • If you go live with a new Dynamics 365 segmentation and then open the Members tab right away, you’ll see a message telling you that the segment doesn’t exist. Reload the page, or open another tab and return, to see the right message (that the segment is being provisioned). Later, when the segment is finished provisioning, you’ll see the list of contacts it contains here.

Fixed issues

  • Subscription lists can now remove unsubscribed contacts from running journeys.

D365 Email marketing

  • The content-settings record must be live before you can send any D365 marketing emails or view heatmaps on Insights pages. Usually, the default content-settings record goes live consequently when your setup is finished, but sometimes this isn’t the case.
  • Choosing Stop on a live email will keep it from being used in future journeys, however it will continue to function in existing live journeys, which will continue to delver it.
  • If you reuse the same email multiple times (within the same journey) you will see incorrect performance results on its Insights pages.
  • Many email templates have placeholder pictures. You should replace these placeholder pictures with real pictures so that marketing emails look professional.
  • When you save a keyword for templates or files from a quick create form, the keyword grid isn’t displayed, but the record is created successfully.
  • For certain organizations that upgraded recently, test send may not work. If you are facing this issue, please contact Microsoft Support.

Marketing pages and forms

  • While configuring a form on a page, we recommend that you enter a confirmation message or a redirect URL, so users can see that they successfully submitted the form.
  • It can take up to a minute after a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing page goes live before it is public link is ready. Visitors might see an error message on the page preceding this.
  • Marketing pages from the data might not go live for some organizations (especially on Italian or Japanese localizations). But they can still create new pages and go live with them.
  • Forms submitted over HTTP (not HTTPS) generate interaction records that don’t include the contact ID, which means these interactions can’t be used in interaction-based segments. If you are hosting a form on an external page (not hosted on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing page), at that point ensure your page utilizes HTTPS.
  • Some client-side malware protection tools parse every incoming email, resolve all the links it contains, and then deliver a modified message in which the links have been replaced with their resolved destinations. This procedure can interfere with the mechanism that Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses to identify the contact that has clicked on a subscription link, which means the subscription center won’t work for these contacts.


  • If you have different Microsoft Dynamics 365 sessions open in other browser windows, and then open the Marketing app in the same browser, it will authenticate using the same user that you have open in the other sessions. We suggest you to restart the browser each time you need to sign in using a different Microsoft Dynamics 365 user account.
  • Please refrain from deactivating publishable Marketing records. Rather, set the publishing states (Status Reason), and use Stop buttons to manage records that are no longer required.
  • D365 for Marketing is currently supported only on the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari on Mac.

Locus IT understands the unique requirements of the Marketing businesses and provides full Dynamics 365 implementation services and D365 Marketing support. If you’re a mid-sized or enterprise business and are considering an ERP project, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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