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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent manages many routine record keeping tasks and automates a number of processes related to staffing your organization. These processes comprise of employee retention, benefits administration, training, performance reviews and change management. It also provides a framework for human resources staff to manage areas of oversight.

You can use D365 for Talent to complete these tasks:

  • Administer organizational structures.
  • Maintain comprehensive worker information from hire to retire.
  • Define and administer benefit plans, enroll workers, assign dependent coverage, and designate beneficiaries.
  • Establish and monitor absence policies.
  • Implement and track profile based time management and generate the pay information to export to a payroll system.
  • Manage the worker competencies.
  • Review performance and implement worker goals.
  • Set up, deliver and analyze training courses that include agendas, sessions and tracks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Capabilities

1. Hire the Right People, Faster
  • Enable collaborative recruiting
  • Boost win rates
  • Accelerate time to hire
  • Increase quality of hire
2. Set Employees Up for Success
  • Elevate on-boarding
  • Accelerate impact
  • Establish key connections
  • Ensure success
3. Develop and Up-skill your Talent
  • Promote continuous learning
  • Tailor experiences by role
  • Enable professional growth
4. Build a High Performance Team
  • Facilitate employee feedback
  • Gain performance insights
  • Align performance assessments
5. Drive Operational Excellence and Impact
  • Maximize strategic impact
  • Centralize employee profiles
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Manage people analytics

MS D365 for Talent Includes

1. Attract

Quickly find the talented people you need and deliver more engaging candidate experiences with native integration to LinkedIn and streamlined, collaborative experiences across candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers.

2. On-board

Help new employees hit the ground running while feeling impactful and connected throughout those first few critical months.

3. Engage

Provide continuous feedback and reward high performers by turning performance into a daily, two-way conversation between employees and managers.

4. Learn

Easily track employee accomplishments, ensure completion of required certifications and recommend additional training and developmental opportunities to further employee careers.

5. Optimize

Improve business impact and drive an agile, high performance culture by automating routine HR tasks and focusing on strategic initiatives.

Locus IT‘s skilled and passionate team of innovators have utilized the transforming world of technology and combined their knowledge of the space with our customers feedback in order to produce a powerful, easy to use and an economical industry solutions.

As a dedicated Microsoft Partner, we draw from our wide resource network to provide maximum innovation and value. For more information, please contact us.

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