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Microsoft D365 Upgrade

Microsoft D365 Upgrade

Microsoft D365 Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud delivers new features and capabilities.

Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft CRM to Dynamics 365, the online suite of business applications from
Microsoft gives organisations a new set of features and operations-enhancing capabilities.

As Microsoft Experienced consultants, we’re convinced of the potential of the products to transform businesses, but the term
upgrade is also an elephant in the room which we need to deal with. Questions about the value of moving business
applications to the cloud, and other misconceptions, are stopping some organisations from making the move.

Microsoft D365 Upgrade Overview 

  • We at Locus IT believe that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application suite has huge potential to help today’s complex mid-market and large organisations, to work seamlessly to become more productive, gain new operational insights and create greater personalized experiences for customers.
  • The suite of intelligent and integrated applications brings together Microsoft’s (former) cloud-based CRM and ERP
    solutions. It spans a complete range of finance and business operations solutions for organisations across vertical industries including insurance, manufacturing, retail, housing associations, professional services and public sector.
  • Dynamics 365 has been designed to remove traditional ERP and CRM silos, giving organisations a set of purpose-built apps that work together seamlessly, and connect these disparate data pots to help make better, faster decisions and deliver a better customer experience. These abilities will give early adopters of cloud business applications the edge as organisations need to become more customer-centric and increase their market understanding.

Addressing ERP and CRM Migration Concerns

  • Upgrading is totally new for a lot of organisations. Microsoft AX may have been the first and only ERP tool that some
    organisations use. Any upgrade to the cloud, therefore, starts with a blank sheet of paper in terms of where they begin
    and the objectives they have.
  • On the other hand, some who previously upgraded their business applications from Axapta for Instance, may be haunted by the weighty and time-consuming tasks involving planning, testing and approval stages that come with a timeline and a price tag attached.
  • We also recognize that it’s human nature to change. IT teams and end-users are comfortable with the tools that they’re using and are reluctant to be disrupted by learning something new. Speaking frankly and from years of previous experience managing complex upgrades, we find that what people are really wedded to is the familiarity of Microsoft functionality

Microsoft D365 Upgrade Path

Our Locus IT team are experts in managing successful upgrades to the cloud. We draw from our deep experience, using a disciplined delivery approach coupled with the power of new Microsoft cloud upgrade tools, to reduce costs for our clients and maximize return on investment.

We’ve built a five-stage, structured upgrade path to support our clients. These form a continuous solution framework, based on common principles that Locus IT follows from the start of any client engagement, Microsoft D365 implementation and throughout the lifecycle of the support services agreement.

  • Discovery: Assessing the scope of existing solutions to determine if upgrading is right for the business.
  • Analysis: A deep dive into technical elements to determine the cost of upgrading.
  • Construction: Building foundations to enable upgrade, following Locus IT and Microsoft best practices.
  • Transition: Seamless upgrade to Dynamics 365 using the depth of Locus IT expertise and Microsoft cloud tools.
  • Operations: Providing ongoing support and maximizing ROI.

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