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Dynamics 365 Talent in Recruitment Industry

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Dynamics 365 Talent in Recruitment Industry

This Article is about Dynamics 365 Talent in Recruitment Industry and its capabilities.

The Recruitment industry despite being a relatively new phenomenon in itself has undergone dramatic changes in few years. From paper CV’s to job boards, online assessments and applicant tracking systems, a lot has changed over the years.

Today’s recruiters must move at pace, often across large distances, but still they are searching and nurturing talent from all the right places.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent is the next generation of Human Capital Management Software and Human Resource Management Software that helps the recruitment industry overcome its challenges. This is a SaaS cloud-based HCM solution that is a major part of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 solution and its a next generation suite of intelligent cloud-based business applications.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent?

Transform the employee experience from “hire” to “inspire”. Dynamics 365 Talent helps organizations strategically attain, empower, and optimize their talent. The solution provides integration with LinkedIn Talent Solutions to help employers build compelling brands, post job openings, and streamline the process of finding qualified applicants.

By integrating candidates from LinkedIn and other applicant tracking systems (ATS) into Dynamics 365 Talent, recruiters and hiring managers can accelerate the candidate interviewing and hiring process. And by offering personalized onboarding experiences, organizations can make sure that new employees are connected, acclimated, and productive as quickly as possible.

Now organizations can strategically retain, attract and optimize their talent so they thrive and achieve high-impact, sustainable results. In this blog post, we’ll look at a few of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent.


  • Transform Dynamics 365 Talent acquisition by connecting recruiters, managers, and interviewers to better collaborate and attract top talent.
  • Find the right people with LinkedIn using LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC) which allows you to seamlessly access real-time candidate information across LinkedIn Recruiter and Attract.
  • Unify candidate profiles, pools, and pipelines. Easily highlight and track candidates who will be great future hires with Dynamics 365 Talent pool tracking.
  • Monitor the hiring process and get the insights on candidate competencies, skills, and interview feedback.
  • Improve the candidate experience by using an easily accessible portal that provides guidance and transparency every step of the way—from the first point of contact to interview, date of hire, and beyond.
  • Interactive dashboards will give you the understand of health of your recruiting pipeline so you can improve your quality of hiring.
  • Streamline the entire cycle of your interview skills and greatly improve your time-to-hire. Deep integration with MS Office 365 allows you to automate interview scheduling with stakeholders.
  • Skype integration will allows you to interview candidates from across the world without impacting your cost-to-hire.
  • Increases the speed and accuracy of extending offers to selected candidates with streamlined offer management. Configurable templates, workflows, and approval processes help ensure hiring managers, recruiters, and HR specialists can efficiently collaborate to create compelling offers.
  • Built-in admin-governed reporting, security, bulk processing, and templates will help you scale while enforcing compliance. Help ensure compliance and extensibility.


  • Get your new Dynamics 365 Talent excited about their role and improve engagement from before day one with personalized onboarding guides.
  • Provide step-by-step checklists that ensure administrative tasks, like W2s, background checks, and direct deposit forms are completed on-time, so you can focus on a memorable first day experience.
  • Make sure that new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Offer a centralized location for company information, organization charts, training resources, and tips to navigate different departments.
  • Ensure your team member makes the right cross-functional connections as faster as possible with easily accessible, detailed contact information.
  • Cross-functional team members can provide resources and add tasks within onboarding guides to ensure they have everything they need to adjust to their new role quickly and smoothly.
  • Create onboarding templates guide for different roles that can be easily replicated as you build out your team.

Engage Using Dynamics 365 Talent

  • Provide reward for high performers and continuous feedback by turning performance into a daily, two-way conversation between employees and managers.
  • Enable managers to initiate change such as requesting employee transitions without requiring any human resources.
  • Provide real-time data about the organization, track accomplishments, identify issues, and take immediate action to optimize team impact.
  • Define absence and leave guidelines, including flexible dates and carry-forward rules.
  • Provide straight and easy forward entry with optional calendar support. Increase efficiency with entry and approval delegation.
  • Improve collaboration, communication, and responsiveness with secure access to employee data including rich dashboards from any device.


  • Easily track the employee achievements, ensure completion of required certifications, and recommends additional training and developmental opportunities to further employee careers.
  • Employee development and learning, a fully integrated learning management system for online and onsite training delivery.
  • Encourage employees to proactively promote their careers with universal profiles that showcase their skills, and a personalized portal that aligns their competencies with career goals and opportunities in Dynamics 365 Talent.


  • Streamline and analyze core HR operations. Centralizing your HR Programs (Benefits, Credentialing, Absenteeism, Compliance)
  • Reduce reporting and paperwork complexities, improve accuracy, and minimize compliance risk by driving the right action by the right employee through automated tasks and configurable processes.
  • Improve planning, optimize workforce costs, and drive more informed, faster decisions with embedded analytics.
  • Build cost-effective programs that you can analyze and track.
  • Manage present, past, and future employee data through an intuitive and customizable interface. Create a centralized employee profiles that highlight experiences and skills by using Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data
  • Redefine benefits administration. Adjust the benefits along the way and publish updated guidelines whenever it is needed.
  • Create meaningful compensation recommendations based on defined guidelines.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent really does make it easy to hire the right people, engage your employees, and optimize your HR programs. With Attract, you can create precise candidate profiles and conduct the right interviews and hire the right people quickly. With Onboard you can enable a meaningful and productive orientation experience and accelerate the productivity business impact of new hires. With Core HR, you can streamline your HR processes and increase your retention.

Locus IT is the Global specialist in implementing the HR and Talent platforms Dynamics 365 Talent and Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 support and Dynamics 365 Implementation. Get in touch with us to help you transform your business.

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