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Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice

If a customer decides to buy, you post the Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice to create the related quantity and value entries. When you post the sales invoice, you can email the document as well as a PDF attachment. You can have the email body pre-filled with a summary of the invoice and payment information, such as a link to PayPal.

A sales invoice or sales bill, is an essential and a common document used by all kinds of companies. Companies use sales invoices to inform customers of the amount they owe in exchange for goods or services that were sold.

You can easily correct or cancel a posted sales invoice before it is paid. This is useful if you are supposed to correct a typing mistake or if the customer requests a change early in the order process. If the posted sales invoice is paid, then you must create a sales credit memo or a sales return order to reverse the sale.

MS Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice Steps

To create a sales invoice

  • Choose the search icon, enter Sales Invoices, and then choose the related link.
  • In the Customer field, enter the name of an existing customer.

Other fields on the Sales Invoice page consists of standard information about the selected customer. If the customer is not registered, follow these steps below:

  • In the Customer field, enter the name of the new customer.
  • In the dialog box about registering the new customer, choose the Yes button.
  • On the Select a template for a new customer page, choose a template to base the new customer card on and then choose the OK button.
  • A new customer card displays the information on the selected customer template. Fill in the remaining fields.
  • When you have completed the customer card, choose the OK button to return to the Sales Invoice page.

Several fields on the Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice are now filled with information that you specified on the new customer card.

  • Fill in the remaining fields on the Sales Invoice page as necessary. Go over a field to read a short description.

You are now ready to fill in the sales invoice lines for products that you are selling to the customer or for any transaction with the customer that you want to record in a G/L account.

If you have setup recurring sales lines for the customer, such as a monthly replenishment order, then you can insert these lines on the order by selecting the Get Recurring Sales Lines action.

  • On the Lines FastTab, in the Type field, choose what type of product, charge, or transaction that you will post for the customer with the sales line.
  • In the No. field, choose a record to post according to the value in the Type field.

You leave the No. field empty in the following cases:

    • If the line is for a comment. Write the comment in the Description field.
    • If the line is for a catalog item. Choose the Select Catalog Items action.
  • In the Quantity field, enter how many units of the product, charge, or transaction that the line will record for the customer.

The value present in the Line Amount field is calculated as Unit Price x Quantity.

The price and line amounts are with or without the sales tax, depending on what is chosen in the Prices Including Tax field on the customer card.

  • If you want to provide a discount, enter a percentage in the Line Discount % field. The value in the Line Amount field updates accordingly.

If special item prices are setup on the Sales Prices and Sales Line Discounts FastTab on the customer or item card, the price and the amount on the sales line automatically update if the price criteria is met.

  • Repeat steps 9 through 12 for every product or charge that you want to invoice the customer for.

The totals under the lines are automatically calculated as you create or modify lines.

  • In the Invoice Discount Amount field, enter an amount that should be deducted from the value shown in the Total Incl. Tax field.

If you have set up invoice discounts for the customer, then the specified percentage value is automatically inserted in the Invoice Discount % field if the criteria are met, and the related amount is inserted in the Inv. Discount Amount Excl. Tax field.

  • When the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales Invoice lines are completed, choose the Post and Send action.

The Post and Send Confirmation dialog box displays the customer’s preferred method of receiving documents. You can change the sending method by choosing the lookup button for the Send Document to field.

The related item and customer ledger entries are now created in your system, and the sales invoice is output as a PDF document. The sales invoice is removed from the list of sales invoices and replaced with a new document in the list of posted sales invoices.

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