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D365 Customer Service for Banking Industry

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D365 Customer Service for Banking Industry

This Article is about Microsoft D365 Customer Service for Banking Industry and its features.

Banking sector is the treasure house that provides investment, secure storage, and finance for all.

Banking industry has improved greatly and still growing exponentially covering entire range of transactions and products under widespread umbrella.

With a smarter generation of customers that change’s historic banking practices has become unavoidable for customer retention and acquisition.

Today’s customers want access to their financial data by securely within the comfort of their home or office and at the same time, fast and personalized service when they step into a bank.

To achieve this banks need to digitally transformed and redefine processes that’ll enable better and more efficient service while driving higher revenues and volumes, and most importantly, retaining happy customers.​ New technology within Dynamics 365 has made access to customer information simple, aiding banks in providing appropriate and effective support.

Features of Customer Service

A critical business imperative for banks all over the world is attracting day-by-day and retaining profitable client relationships and improve efficiency by implementing cost-effective, widely adopted and easy-to-use and efficient tools that provide a snapshot of customer data for greater customer intimacy and more effective identification of cross-sell or up-sell opportunities to generate higher profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution for banking allows you to draw on back-end data to segment customers and prospects for team assignment and decision support specialization.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service key challenges are addressed below:

Improved Retention

  • A 360-degree preview enables effective targeted sales and marketing efforts to develop and retain loyal profitable clients.
  • A single dashboard to manage all customer information including preferences, holdings, transactions, and communications history providing a complete overview of the client.
  • Identify profitable customers and design the implement effective retention strategies.
  • Deliver consistent customer experience across the channels and locations through customizable workflow automation and task standardization.
  • Client loyalty and renewal rates are bolstered via efficient claims resolutions, faster inquiry handling, and proactive D365 customer service.
  • Sales and marketing tools helps to identify unmet needs and define service-oriented cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Leverage mobile and social technologies to better engage the modern, highly connected customers through their choice of communication channel.

Risk Management

  • Highly scalable and configurable platform along with widely adopted and easy-to-use tools to optimize your existing business and technology architecture.
  • Equipped with a very good comprehension of every customer account related data, requirements, preferences and interaction history of your most profitable and unprofitable customers.
  • Handle risk exposure by proactively detecting risk-elevating customer behaviors.
  • Ensure policy and pricing decisions support retention strategies by viewing their impact on customer’s relationships with your organization.

Operational Efficiency

  • Helps streamline critical banking processes including accounting onboarding, case escalation, and loan origination, with automated workflows and guided dialogs.
  • Trim down operational costs across call centers, branches, and offices significantly by pruning administrative tasks with intuitive productivity features.
  • Intuitive customization and seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure translate into reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and can extend the value of your IT investments.
  • KPIs will quickly reveals the causes of process issues to help you to improve problem resolution and introduce collaborative process improvements.

Financial Account Management and Reporting

  • Includes access to all client financial transactions, accounts, and holdings.
  • Data is recorded in “chapters,” including transaction type, date, symbol, and value.
  • Create custom reports, summarizing marketing and sales activity based on the specific needs of your management team.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

  • Maximize the sophistication by which the organization shares and manages client data while complying with the privacy regulations and industry legislation by using auditing and field level security enterprise modules.

Investor Communication Tracking

  • Track all forms of communication automatically including phone calls, emails, meetings and other interactions with account holders.
  • An option for managing and setting up routinely scheduled formal correspondence is also provided.

Locus IT is a trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and we offers Microsoft D365 Customer Service as a solution for banking industry which is the complete, comprehensive relationship management system tailored to meet the needs of both sides of banking firms, offering industry-specific functionality that enables bankers to manage client opportunities and relationships better and helps sales, trading, and research build and leverage superior client knowledge.

We also provide services like Dynamics 365 upgrade support, Dynamics 365 Implementation support, Dynamics 365 migration and  Dynamics 365 Training and Staffing. For more information please get in touch with us and we’ll surely get back to you.

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