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Cyber Security Solutions for Government

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Cyber Security Solutions for Government

Locus IT’s comprehensive and proven Cyber Security Solutions for Government offers the Government entities a full range of protection from secure access, through leading two factor authentication, to PKI, secure document e-signatures as well as identity confirming solutions.

In addition to improved security, forward thinking government organizations are also proactively leveraging the innovative capabilities offered by mobile and cloud environments to expand and enhance both employees and citizens experience with e-government applications.

Cyber Security Solutions for Government Services

  • Two-factor Authentication

A broad range of cost-effective hardware and software that ensure secure access to government networks and applications.

  • Integrated Security

A single, integrated digital security platform providing extensive security options and rapid deployment

  • Identity Management

Multiple forms of government-issued e-identity reinforced by leading secure access across mobile and cloud applications

  • Fraud Mitigation

Unique graphical cryptogram technology strengthens fraud prevention for high-risk online and mobile transactions

Our solutions adhere to the highest Government security standards. We at Locus IT focus on the individual security needs of the Government organizations by offering a comprehensive application protection all the way from the sophisticated indefensible memory attacks to the web attacks.

Cyber Security Solutions for Government Benefits

Our solutions are designed to:

  • Increase visibility of the threat landscape through information sharing
  • Put defenses and defenders to the test through a suite of preparedness offerings
  • Overcome the employee shortage gap through force multiplication, Managed Defense and Incident Response
  • Keep pace with cyber threats over the horizon through nation-state cyber threat intelligence capabilities
  • Stop advanced attacks at the doorstep regardless of the attack surface
  • Help teams filter the noise and the address the cyber threats that matter the most through detection efficacy and contextual prioritization
  • Accelerate response to limit impact of critical threats via orchestration and automation
  • Provide the fastest and most in-depth incident response services in the world

Locus IT delivers actionable intelligence to proactively identify threats, take automated action to quarantine and mitigate damage and analyzes data to prevent future attacks. For more information, please contact us.

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