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TIBCO for Financial Services

TIBCO for Financial Services

TIBCO Financial Services delivers powerful and flexible out-of-the-box capabilities for finance and insurance use cases. Whether it’s portfolio analysis, claims management, or executive dashboards, users at all levels can use TIBCO Spotfire to identify inefficiencies and risks, opportunities to improve, and problems to avoid.

Business excellence in TIBCO Financial Services requires using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. TIBCO Financial Services can show you how to overcome the challenges with our integrated platform to build and optimize your core processes, through deep learning techniques applied to your unique business requirements.

Organizations that wants to make algorithmic decisions and further automate business processes can use the full power of the TIBCO Insight Platform, which fuses streaming analytics with the visual and predictive analytics provided by Spotfire.

TIBCO Financial Services Benefits

  • Mitigate Financial Risks and Stay Compliant

It is insufficient to collect data from a bunch of resources and react. Spotfire lets you consolidate and  capture all the elements of risk from all sources and convert them to insights. With Spotfire Financial Services management, you can manage the risk/reward profile while staying compliant with regulations like CCAR, Dodd-Frank, BCBS, MiFID, and IFRS.

  • Prevent Fraud Before It Happens

Whether it’s trade surveillance, money-laundering, or credit card or insurance fraud, Spotfire enables business users to identify, prevent and act on fraudulent transactions. You can very easily streamline your business processes and even empower non expert business users to use sophisticated ML (machine learning) methods in analytics applications.

  • Design Great Customer Experiences

Use Spotfire to define best practices for cross-selling, upselling, and customer satisfaction for your frontline professionals. From a wide range of data, Spotfire brings a 360 degree review of your customer and fast drill-down so that you can design the customer experience based on extensive knowledge. Professionals can share insights and collaborate throughout the organization.

  • Easily Match Portfolios to Objectives

Design your own asset portfolio with precision and optimize it to match your objectives. Visually drill-down to find the anomalies or outliers in performance. Spotfire makes it very easy to create interactive reports and dashboards that generate valuable insights from your business data.


  • Smart Analytics

Spotfire visual analytics features an innovative Artificial Intelligence driven recommendation engine, and a full-featured data discovery tool set, to dramatically reduce time to insight. Take isolated TIBCO Financial Services data sets, aggregate, slice and dice, and analyze them to generate valuable new insights.

  • Rich Interactive Dashboards

Basically dashboards are great at conveying simple metrics, but not for gaining deep insights. Build richer interactive analytic applications that allow deep exploration and guided analysis. TIBCO LiveView Web and Desktop clients make it easy to visualize live operational data.

  • Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning

With the embedded TERR (TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R) engine; inbuilt connectors for R, H2O,  PMML, and SparkML; and drag-and-drop access for SAS, MATLAB, and other environments, Spotfire and TIBCO StreamBase supply robust support for predictive analytics.

  • Deep Insights from Big Data

Interact with big data just as easy as any other data resource. Patterns in historical data can be interactively identified with Spotfire, H2O, TERR/R, or ML/MLlib running directly on Spark and Hadoop.

  • Data Traceability & Data Quality

Spotfire automatically keeps a track of all data joins, data sources, and data transformations. Spotfire also allows analysts to keep a track on data quality through visual and set up alerts if the quality deteriorates.

  • Visualized GridServer Results

Spotfire lets you visualize the results from high-performance computing for Monte Carlo simulations, what-if analyses, and advanced statistical models for financial risk analysis run on hundreds of computers in a TIBCO GridServer environment.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of Financial Services industries and the particular challenges that currently exists in the industry. We can help you to plan and design a solution using proven tools that meet your specific needs, streamlining operations, and increasing profit.

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