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Splunk Financial Services

Splunk Financial Services

The Splunk Financial Services industry is in a state of variability with the multiple technologies, regulatory, competitive and the demographic factors impacting the way firms conduct the business and achieve results.

Connected by a sophisticated network of retail banks, electronic systems, investment banks and insurance companies generate terabytes of machine data every day for high-volume activities like trading, payment or claims processing and multi-channel banking.

Splunk Financial Services turns machine data into Operational Intelligence to help financial services companies compete and win in the face of unprecedented technology and business transformation and:

  • Reducing the threat of increasing cyber-security and fraud risks
  • Achieve IT operational efficiency as you modernize core trading, banking, and insurance systems
  • Bring order to unstructured data to avoid penalties and achieve regulatory compliance.
  • Utilize machine learning and advanced analytics to gain deep customer insights across all channels
  • Monitor multi-step, complex financial processes to meet customer commitments and obtain end-to-end visibility

Splunk Financial Services provides platform for the Operational Intelligence to address challenges in the financial services industry across security, IT operations, advanced analytics and business process monitoring.

Splunk Financial Services Benefits

  • Reduce Cybersecurity Threats

Reduce the risk of fraud and cyber-threats by monitoring and correlating multiple systems and applying advanced analytics to detect potential security breach attempts and protect financial privacy.

  • Monitor Complex Financial Business Processes

Gain complete visibility of customer commitments across complex and multi-step business processes. Be prepared to move to real-time processes in areas such as financial messaging, payments and blockchain technology.

  • Enable Legacy Systems Modernization

Use Splunk software to enable that new IT systems are working together seamlessly, that straight through processing is optimized and potential bottlenecks are removed.

  • Gain Omni-Channel Customer Insight

Use advanced analytics to gain customer insights and to create innovative digital services, providing a seamless omni-channel experience and gain the customer loyalty through competitive differentiation.

  • Performance Monitoring

Monitor and manage your complex IT infrastructure, including legacy systems and applications.  Establishing the performance baselines and uncover problems right away.

  • Security and Fraud

Gain insights that mitigate risk and support a broad range of security use cases, incident response, including real-time monitoring, and insider threat detection. Quickly investigate and identify the anomalies on user behavior and patterns to detect account acquisition and fraud.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Monitor and Index data to comply with state, local, federal and international regulations, including GLBA,  Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and PCI. Rapidly retrieve data log and we can generate reports for auditors requests, and improve log review controls to help lower operational and security risks.

  • Customer Experience

Understand how customers are using services and features, whether they’re online, mobile or inside the branch. Get the visibility from the generated data across millions of events so you can troubleshoot, find and fix issues fast.

  • Transaction Processing

Gain end-to-end transaction visibility by data analyzing from every application and system that a transaction touches. Identify where the errors or transaction bottlenecks occur so you can rapidly address any performance, network or system issue that prevents a transaction from completing.

Locus IT has worked with Financial Service Industries and helped them to improve and implement on their Financial Services. If you have questions about how Financial Services you can address and solve your challenges, please reach out to us. We’ll be happy to consult with you.

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