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SAP Financial Services Analytics

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SAP Financial Services Analytics

SAP Financial Services Analytics enables banking and insurance companies to maintain and execute complex allocation and funds transfer pricing models. SAP Financial Services Analytics allows you to create the data foundation for flexible, near real-time, high-speed profitability analysis for insurance and banking products. The solution provides a configurable framework to create the allocations down to single contract or coverage level.

SAP Financial Services Analytics supports the following scenarios:

  • Modeling and execution of cost and the revenue allocation and calculation models to determine profitability. For example, at individual contract level or at the product, channel and customer level.
  • Modeling and execution of funds transfer pricing models to determine the financial asset profitability. For example, at the individual contract event level, at the position level, product level or G or L level.
  • Item reporting and the output analysis at granular level or aggregated results for the following:
    ○ Reporting and analysis
    ○ Simulation and what-if analysis
    ○ Planning
    ○ Measurement
  • The solution supports the integration of data sources, including the following:
    ○ ERP data
    ○ Core banking data
    ○ Core insurance data
    ○ Planning data
    ○ Actuarial /risk data

SAP Financial Services Analytics Performance Management

SAP Performance Management for Financial Services comes with pre-configured calculations and models. This demonstrates the capabilities of the solution in an integrated environment and allows easy adaptation by business department.

SAP Financial Services Analytics is targeted toward the business user. It is designed to enable the business department to operate modelling, execution and analysis of cost and revenue data with minimal IT involvement. The solution is delivered with three pre configured user roles and provides each of them with a specialized working environment optimized to support them in their main area of responsibility:

  1. Modeling Environment
  2. Execution Environment
  3. Analysis Environment
  • Modeling Environment in SAP Financial Services Analytics

Modeling users define and set up the data and calculation models, which are used to create the results for the calculation processes such as simulation, planning, measurement, and analysis. The models usually include the parameters to change assumptions easily later on and to make them reusable. The modelling environment allows the users to access all of the features provided by the solution.

The modeling environment is used by modeling users to set up and change data and calculation models. This can be performed by defining the new models or by copying the sample content as a basis and then making adjustments. The modeling user has all the authorizations and also defines what the execution user and the analysis user are allowed to do.

The following functions can be used for the setup of data and calculation models:

  • Allocation
  • Calculation
  • Calculation Unit
  • Check
  • Collection
  • Conversion
  • Derivation
  • Description
  • Editor for Data
  • Environment
  • Field Set
  • Funds Transfer Pricing
  • Intra-Group-Trans. Elimination
  • Item Form and Report
  • Item Reconciliation
  • Join
  • Lookup
  • Management of unassigned Items
  • Mapping
  • Model Table
  • Model View and Model Writer
  • Transfer Structure
  • View
  • Remote Function Adapter
  • Valuation

In the modeling environment, you typically start with the copy of an existing model, for eg, the sample content shipped with the software. This is where all adjustments, changes, and enhancements are made to fulfill individual customer requirements.

  • Execution Environment in SAP Financial Services Analytics

The execution environment is designed for execution users, who are in charge of running the solution. They can run pre-configured functions and also run a report. In addition, they can also use the parameters to control the execution of the model.

Execution users use the defined models and can change the parameters that have been defined during modelling. Access to the execution environment permits the users to execute the main functions of the model, including reports and controls, and to manage parameters.

  • Analysis Environment in SAP Financial Services Analytics

The analysis environment is designed for analysis users to access and analyze data using pre-configured reports, and to configure new report layouts based on the output of selected functions.

The Analysis users utilize the results of the executed calculation models. Access to the audit environment permits the users to access all the analysis and reporting capabilities, including the creation of new reports and the individual layout customizing.

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