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Oracle Financial Services Analytics

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Oracle Financial Services Analytics

Oracle Financial Services Analytics Applications, enables the financial institutions to measure and meet risk adjusted performance objectives, cultivate a risk management culture through transparency, lower the costs of compliance and regulation, and improve insight into customer behavior.

Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications performs the processing, categorizing, selection and manipulation of data and information needed to analyze, understand and report on specific performance, risk, compliance and customer insight issues.

It provides timely and actionable profitability insight across all levels of the organization, including management ledger and customer account Risk Adjusted Performance Management (RAPM) reporting.

Oracle Financial Services Capabilities

  • Enterprise Performance Management

To help financial institutions grow, manage risk, and Oracle delivers a comprehensive, optimize shareholder value, integrated suite of financial services analytics applications for enterprise performance management, funds transfer pricing, including profitability management, pricing management, and balance sheet planning.

Now more than ever, the financial institutions, their regulators, and shareholders are focused on the need to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, price product to reflect their true risk, and better understand how the institution is impacted by threats to capital adequacy, liquidity, and exposure to market rate volatility.

  • Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management solutions span all areas of risk, market, including credit, operational, liquidity, fixed asset, business and reputation risk, enabling institutions to manage all their risk and provide necessary feeds for compliance-based reporting.

The capabilities of Oracle Financial Services Analytics for risk management help financial institutions address compliance issues such as Basel II that demand a close operational synergy between finance and risk functions.

  • Financial Crime and Compliance Management

Oracle Financial Services for Financial Crime and Compliance Management surrounds both the  compliance and risk “point” solutions. It provides an end-to-end financial compliance and crime solution  that leverages a comprehensive data model and robust dashboard functionality.

The framework facilitates a transparent view of all compliance and crime related activities across the enterprise, allowing senior management to mitigate and identify any operational inefficiencies that might potentially increase non-compliance risks or the overall cost of compliance.

  • Customer Insight

Evaluating customer value is becoming tougher. Increasingly, banks are personalizing and customizing products and services.

Such real world scenarios mandate comprehensive and timely decision support. Oracles Customer Insight solutions deliver actionable and targeted customer analysis that help financial institutions make quick decisions in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

  • Integrated Business Intelligence

Oracle Financial Services Analytics Applications have corresponding Business Intelligence (BI) applications that deliver pre-packaged reporting, dashboarding and analysis capabilities, preintegrated with the underlying applications.

These applications leverage OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition), Oracle’s market-leading BI platform. OBIEE provides a common analysis and reporting interface across the entire suite.

  • Integrated and Best of Breed

Oracle’s next generation suite of Financial Services Analytical Applications is based on the merged  capabilities of PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA), and Hyperion applications.

The applications are built upon a shared analytical  infrastructure consisting of a unified financial services data model, shared analytical computations and the industry-leading Oracle Business Intelligence platform, there-by consistency and an increased Rate of Interest (ROI) by efficiently re-using components across applications.

The financial services industry will continue to be highly regulated, fiercely competitive, and more scrutinized than ever. Having the exact information available to make the right decisions that align with the business is now more important than ever.

Locus IT remains committed to developing solutions in the Financial Services technology and provides services like Financial Services training, Financial Services support, Financial Services implementation and solutions to challenges that our customer’s face now and in the upcoming years. For more information please contact us.

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