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Tableau and Enterprise Data Warehouse

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Tableau and Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise data sets are detailed, large, and often complex. For the typical report or spreadsheets recipient looking for the underlying patterns, this is a worst-case combination. Reports that are often designed to serve as detailed look-ups so they have rows of summarized data, making it difficult to look overall patterns and trends.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) applications help by providing dashboards, graphs, and text-based reports. Similarly as a users must be able to ask ad-hoc questions, they also need effective ways of slicing, dicing and interrogating the data. The dashboard or graph that led to yesterday’s insight may not work for today’s problem.

What must be needed is an approach that closes the gap. Enterprise data management demands a visual BI (Business Intelligence) solution that leverages the work of the data steward in the Enterprise Data Warehouse, while solving the business intelligence needs of the business user.

Tableau will answers this call by providing Visual BI (Business Intelligence) software, while leveraging best-practice applications for data visualization and business intelligence. It gives users easy and flexible ways to display data in whatever format makes the patterns most visible—resulting in the fastest possible insight.

Understanding the distribution business, Locus IT has helped companies to adopt the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions that are powered on Microsoft Dynamics. We provide Tableau and Enterprise Data Warehouse support, Data Warehouse training, Data Warehouse staffing and much more.

We at Locus IT have the expertise to provide intelligent technology platforms that will support your wholesale business, whatever challenges and changes you face in this industry. For more information please contact us.

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