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Snowflake and Tableau Data Warehouse

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Snowflake and Tableau Data Warehouse

Snowflake and Tableau Data Warehouse unique architecture provides complete relational database support for both structured data, such as CSV files and tables, and semi-structured data, including JSON, Avro, Parquet, etc., all within a single, logically integrated solution.

Snowflake is a data warehouse and it as a service, which requires no management and features separate storage, compute, and cloud services that can scale and change independently,

Rather than separating production and analysis databases, Snowflake uses virtual data warehouses to allow unlimited access and computational power, delivering on performance, simplicity, and affordability. Snowflake’s fully relational SQL data warehouse is built for the cloud, making it efficient to store and access all your data from one integrated location.

Rapid-Fire Data with Snowflake and Tableau

Recently, an advancements in data warehousing and analytics were largely incremental. Small innovations in design of database would herald a new data warehouse every 2-3 years, which would then quickly become overwhelmed with ever-increasing data volume.

Snowflake and Tableau Data Warehouse represent a fundamentally different approach. Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared Data Warehouse architecture was designed for the cloud and to handle logarithmically larger data volumes at blazing speed. Tableau Data Warehouse was made to foster an interactive approach to analytics, freeing knowledge workers to use the speed of Snowflake to their greatest advantage.

Snowflake’s Groundbreaking Architecture

Snowflake’s multi-cluster, shared Data Warehouse architecture was built for the cloud from the beginning. Data which is stored in Amazon S3 and is accessible independently from as many virtual data warehouses whenever you need. Because, storage and computing are completely separate, you can independently scale either to meet your needs at any time.

Explore Petabytes of Data

With a scalable Amazon web services (AWS) back-end, support for virtual warehouses, and the capability to work with structured and semi-structured data, Snowflake has the flexibility to adjust to demanding workloads.

Businesses need to store and analyze data efficiently. By utilizing Snowflake, organizations have the ability to scale their data warehouse up and down as the situation demands and its unique shared data architecture allows you for easy scalability.

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