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TIBCO Cyber Analytics

TIBCO Cyber Analytics

TIBCO Cyber Analytics enables the security teams to discriminate and identify between which data or IT assets are at risk, the level of risk involved, along with recommendations on how to address suspected vulnerabilities. For example, the use of TIBCO machine data and TIBCO Cyber Analytics can provide a holistic view of an organization’s vulnerabilities, security posture, and threats.

The Corporate security teams that are charged with protecting sensitive company information and  customer are deluged with log files, alerts, vulnerability, scan reports, and other assessments. The utilization of the visual analytics can assist in putting this data into the context while providing security professionals deep insights into their organization’s security posture.

Getting a more comprehensive vision of organization’s security stance can improve time-to-remediation, eliminate vulnerabilities or reduce before a breach can occur, and increase operational efficiencies. The blending of TIBCO machine data and TIBCO Cyber Analytics can also help security teams identify the systems, data, or end points that are most vulnerable and the reasons why.

For instance, TIBCO Cyber Analytics tools can be used to flag suspicious activity within an organization’s firewalls. Visual analytics are particularly good for spotting the outliers and finding problems for which you don’t already have profiles and security rules. Research reveals that the senior management and employees represent a greater threat to a company’s security posture than phishing, malware, or other external dangers.

Security leaders can drill-down on the internal data to determine whether an organizational group or an employee is using company data outside of mandated policies or procedures or outside the scope of an individual’s work responsibilities and take corrective actions when needed.

The main use of TIBCO Cyber Analytics and modeling can also enable security experts to assess the levels of risk posed by different access points along with their vulnerability to external and internal threats.

Before StreamBase, analyze the real-time data feeds with high throughput was a expensive and difficult undertaking. Now, with shorter development cycles, dramatically lower the programming costs, significantly easier maintenance, reduced hardware and operational expenses, and faster time-to- value, real-time digital business benefits are financially within reach.

Today it’s FX pricing analytics and the real-time profit and loss, real-time supply chain, fast signal processing, real-time customer engagement, smart houses, network monitoring, preventive maintenance, and cyber security detection.


  • Visual Development Environment

Powerful Eclipse-based integrated development environment and the graphical language helps  developers for quickly delivering the applications and incremental releases.

  • Enterprise-class Performance

A multi-threaded event server optimized for processing real-time streaming event data includes tools to build features for improved scalability, performance, and fail over.

  • Fast and Easy Connectivity

More than 150 built-in adapters and the visualization options connect to real- time and historical data sources, helping you easily and quickly increase data volumes for comprehensive input without custom development and integration.

  • Collaborative Environment

The visual development environment and the graphical language, the Event-Flow, helps developers, business analysts and IT staff collaborate more effectively than what is possible with any other event processing platform.

  • Accelerators

Extensible, Freely distributed code sets gives developers the templates and the best practices for implementing the most innovative streaming analytics use cases, providing fast starts for building new applications.

  • StreamBase User Community

Active community website provides downloads, Q&A, documentation, forum, and the links to training and certification resources.

TIBCO Spotfire Analyst

TIBCO Spotfire Analyst makes the comprehensive analytics easy and fast for a variety of users, allowing them to:

  • Gain actionable insights by performing compelling ad-hoc analyses
  • Enjoy the capability of self-service discovery, by accessing the multiple back-end and local data sources without requiring assistance from IT
  • Provide visibility into the unknown by instantly publishing the analytic applications and reports to partners, colleagues, or customers using TIBCO Spotfire Consumer or TIBCO Spotfire Business Author
  • Build KPIs and metrics for mobile users
  • Perform R scripting

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

With TIBCO Spotfire Analytics, your organization can seize new business opportunities and avoid the risks with unmatched flexibility and speed. Using interactive visualizations, dashboards, predictive and the event-driven analytics, you can develop unexpected insights immediately on any device. Spotfire is an enterprise class analytics platform that helps both the technical and business users quickly explore data to develop actionable insights, without requiring IT intervention.

TIBCO Spotfire is an solution that integrates the analysis throughout the entire decision making. Uniquely connecting processes and individuals to events taking place outside and inside the organization, Spotfire allows the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time.


  • Fastest to Actionable Insight
  • Visibility into the Unknown
  • Self-Service Discovery
  • Universal Adaptability

Our worldwide team experts represents the industries largest, most experienced support team dedicated solely to your success. We also provide TIBCO analytics training along with Cyber Analytics implementation and Cyber Analytics staffing and support. For more information please contact us.

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