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Tableau Cyber Security Analytics

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Tableau Cyber Security Analytics

With Tableau Cyber Security Analytics, the analyst team can profile threat forecasting, actors, and minimizing future attacks. With Tableau mobile dashboards, the executives can track the industry trends on the go. As a result Tableau Cyber Security analytics processes, even the law enforcement agencies can integrate new policies around cyber-attacks within the country.

Tableau Cyber Security Analytics provides services to help minimize and prevent disruptions to critical information infrastructures to protect the economy, the public, and government services. The analyst team can collects data from various threat feed sources, which are then stored in a Hadoop data lake.

Tableau Cyber Security makes it easier and faster to identify patterns that give us the ability to resolve data quality problems instantly. The analyst team will update existing dashboards using Tableau instead of building a new view for every requests, leading to massive time savings. For instance, developing the cyber-attack landscape dashboard now takes matter of hours compared to the days it would take using D3.js.

Mobile Dashboards

The analyst team will optimize the dashboards for mobile devices, by allowing stakeholders to track recent data surrounding the cyber-threat landscape on the go including industry trends. At the industry level, dashboards provide a general view of the industry verticals that need to be addressed in order to formulate new defensive strategies.

With Tableau, the analyst team can analyze closed and open threat feeds to identify relationships between threat cyber-attacks, actors, and certain industries. For instance, analysts can differentiate cyber-attack patterns against various industry verticals, enabling them to profile specific threat actors and identify their preferred hacking methods.

In addition to cyber-attacks, the analyst team recently started to scanning for scams, analyze cyber crimes, and fraudulent websites that target internet users. This analysis is then send among security advisers for respective security administrators particularly those in the critical sectors.

With Tableau, the team can achieve profile specific threat actors to understand typical hacking methods. They can also find the relationships between end-user devices helping forecast and critical vulnerabilities  and prevent potential attacks. Due to data quality improvement and reporting processes, they can also assist the law enforcement agencies in formulating new policies around cyber-attacks in the country.

Cyber Security Analytics

The utilization of data to fight cyber security threats is nothing new. For many years, the organizations have used whatever data was available to combat intrusions. The information has often been a good source for tracking down what happened. If a security breach occurred in a certain area, log data could lead back to the point of intrusion.

The information is now even more important for two reasons. First, there are lots of connections in the network today, including from partners, staff, and customers who can access the data from outside of your firewall. Second, there are simply more people and more systems accessing the systems, meaning the log data is increasing exponentially.

  • Establish context

Network data is massive data that can tell you a lot and it’s important to understand the business context behind the behavior.

  • Provide meaning 

The security team does not have to shift through the data to look for events that raises issues and require additional investigation. Most importantly the advanced analytics using modern computing platforms can go deeper into the data to find connections and patterns that might not be available otherwise.

  • Make it visible 

It’s not just about getting the answers. You need to accomplish something with what you learn. The Analytics needs to be integrated into your response program. The main goal for your cyber security team will be to figure out how to make that data work for you. With more data, analytics is needed to organize and ultimately find the hidden meaning.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of Cyber Analytics and has helped many organizations to discover the threats, security risks and targeted attacks. For more information please contact us.

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