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SAS Cyber Security Analytics

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SAS Cyber Security Analytics

SAS Cyber Security Analytics brings cyber ISR – intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance – to your network for a complete, continuous and accurate monitoring of your organization’s security posture. With this ongoing risk assessment, you can close cyber hygiene gaps, improve security tool effectiveness and better prepare for future threats.

SAS Cyber Security Analytics provides a solid, unifying analytics foundation, enterprise threat detection and risk assessment capabilities.

Challenges in SAS Cyber Security Analytics

Business Initiatives Complicate

Organizational and security changes are constants. Understanding the organizational asset and network security posture is crucial to managing risks and evolving remediation efforts.

Security Data is Messy

Disconnected and poor quality data in two formats requires ongoing data management capabilities for a clear, continuous and comprehensive view.

Analytics Capabilities are Fragmented

As existing security products provides analytics to boost effectiveness and it’s harder to extract consistent, governed insights across technologies.

Compliance Requirements and Fines are Growing

Cyber insurers and regulators are demanding organizations demonstrate more control over data, users and systems. Continuous visibility is required to protect your assets tomorrow and today.

The security Skills Shortage is Here to Stay

As the complexity and labor needed for security tools grows talent is not needed. Your security posture evolves with every business initiative. Protection data regulations are increasing. Your security personnel are perpetual recruiting targets.

Benefits in SAS Cyber Security

Reduce MTTD and MTTR

Get immediate notification of potential threats within your network and how they’ve manifested themselves in your organization to better protect your data and infrastructure and reduce remediation costs.

Improve Security Operations Productivity

Scale your ability to cover areas with existing staff. Make advanced analytics approachable throughout your operations. Eliminate direct intensive processes by allowing your data to trigger detection.

Streamline Security Operations Focus

Eliminate the time spent on false positives and easily prioritize events to focus on the most critical risks. Drive quick action through heightened understanding of security risks. Proactively integrate raw data from existing investments to improve security ROI.

Better Understand Network Operations.

Gain complete visibility into network behavior. Highlight which devices should be reviewed more aggressively.

Advance Security Automation Efforts.

Exploit the power of analytics to prioritize and automate incident response activities. Develop and retain in-house talent
by shifting your routine staff to important work.



Comprehensive Security Risk Views

  • SAS Cybersecurity provides rapid insights into your entire organization’s security posture. Make resource prioritization easy with riskdriven intelligence for your network’s most critical individual areas.
  • Analysis of structured and semistructured data across multiple dimensions – network, security product and business data, threat feeds and IP reputation information – validates data for an accurate view of your security posture and potential issues.
  • Unstructured text can also yield otherwise-hidden security insights through contextual analysis using ML (machine learning) and subject-matter expertise.


Real-time Data Enrichment

  • Deployed without an agent, SAS Cyber Security Analytics continuously captures network traffic flow at the source, enriches it with user/identity, endpoint, threat and other network data, then correlates the enriched data before performing analytics.
  • This added context creates an stream of smarter data that drives a deeper view of risk across your organization.

Self-reinforcing Detection

  • If a record of known compromises exists, you can quickly test and implement predictive analytics models.
  • Otherwise, apply semi-supervised machine learning to develop an initial detection model focused on specific statistical anomalies.
  • The model gets improved and refined as investigations confirm or reject it.

Detection Model Management

  • SAS provides an environment for creating, managing, validating and monitoring detection models.
  • Test advanced analytics and ML algorithms to determine champion models.
  • Performance alerting and monitoring automate the model updating process to address model degradation and ensure that models reflect current conditions.

Rich Device-Risk Profiles

  • Using unsupervised machine learning, SAS Cyber security Analytics automatically assigns a risk score to each network device across multiple behavioral attributes with comparisons to peer-group behavior and historical baselines.
  • This analysis of device relationships minimizes false negatives and false positives.


Security Data Management

  • With our data management capabilities, you can lower the time required to manage security data and maximize data value.
  • Going beyond simple transform, extract and load (ETL) capabilities, easy-to-deploy workflows target and improve security data quality and reliability.

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