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SAP Cyber Security with SIEM Intelligence

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SAP Cyber Security with SIEM Intelligence

SAP Cyber Security helps in Identifying, Analysing, and Neutralizing cyberattacks as they’re happening and before serious damage occurs. The SIEM tool uses real time intelligence to effectively manage your systems vulnerability to external and internal cybersecurity threats and help ensure data protection with

  • On-premise deployment
  • System wide security compliance
  • High volume processing of security events
  • Pre configured functionality and integration

Key Benefits

  • Enhance SAP Cyber Security

Keep systems secure in a continuously changing cyber security threat environment using powerful and flexible detection, monitoring and response capabilities.

  • Gain insight into the suspicious activities

Identify security lapses in your application landscape efficiently and readily with real time data processing using smart data streaming services and SAP HANA.

  • Neutralize threats

Receiving actionable alerts in time to neutralize threats to your business assets and to prevent damage to your business.

Key Capabilities

  • Log correlation and analysis
  1. Analyse a large quantity of log data and correlate information to get a complete picture of landscape activities
  2. Performing forensic threat detection to discover previously unknown attack variants
  3. Customize the integration of infrastructure components and non-SAP systems
  • Automated threat detection and alerting
  1. Find the SAP software specific threats related to the known attacks by using attack detection patterns
  2. Create attack detection patterns without the code
  3. Conduct attack investigations based on publish alerts and generated alerts to enable integration with external processes and solutions
  • Straightforward integration across SAP solutions
  1. Detect threats at the database level and at the application server level
  2. Integrate with SAP Cyber Security solutions across your entire IT landscape

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool is deployed on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios. Deployed on-premise, this product requires a necessary license and allows you to license and pay for number of users you need to monitor.

SAP Enterprise Threat Detection Features

  • Collecting security events and context information

Uses :

  1. Collect security-related information from your system landscape.
  2. Normalize this data to the semantic data model of SAP
  3. Enterprise Threat Detection
  4. Enrich the log data with context information
  5. Pseudonymize the user data
  • Monitoring and analyzing events and alerts

Uses :

  1. Gain an overview of what is happening in your system landscape in real-time
  2. Be alerted in case of suspicious system or user behaviour
  3. Search over large amounts of log data
  4. Perform forensic analyses and visualize events and alerts
  5. Use the built-in or your own patterns to find suspicious acitivities and anomalies
  • Developing your own patterns

Uses :

  1. Build your own patterns to detect suspicious activities and anomalies
  2. Configure regular automatic execution of your patterns
  3. Creating your own monitoring pages
  • Log Management

Uses :

  1. Store original and normalized data in hot, warm, and cold storage for operational security or compliance reasons, respectively
  2. Set up a two-fold system landscape to enable parallel development and test activities with productive use.

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