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Qlik Cyber Security Analytics Overview

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Qlik Cyber Security Analytics Overview

This article is about Qlik Cyber Security Analytics and its overview.

Uncover hidden insights or anomalies by seeing all your data. You’ll be able to discover and explore not only what data is associated to your selected query, but also what’s unrelated, which can provide unexpected insights.

Qlik Cyber Security Analytics Protects Your Network

  • If someone’s broken into your house, you can spot them easily. An open window, a chair out of place, a door ajar, a footprint these clues all sense of entry of “intruder”.
  • You know that the door and window were closed when you left, that the chair was pushed in, and that the footprint in the hallway doesn’t belong to any member of your household.
  • Identifying an intrusion is easy in our own home. But expand that view to your neighborhood, or even the whole city, and it becomes much harder. The same principal applies to your network.
  • As a defender, your biggest challenge is knowing what’s normal. When bad guys breaks your home, they just need ONE vulnerability. Once they find that weakness, they get in and hide out under the radar. The more you know about your computer network, the quicker you’ll be able to spot an intruder.

Normal Network

  • The main key to knowing what’s normal is to know your data. While that may seem obvious, odds are you currently have insight into less than 5% of your activity in the network . That’s because most of that data is immediately removed.
  • Like people, every network is unique. There is no overarching “normal” for network activity. The experts at AlphaSix can work for you to analyze your network and identify major scenarios indicating unusual activity. It’s akin to setting up trip wires.

For example, these scenarios could indicate an intruder:

  • Timing of Logins: P.C users typically log in between 7am to 5pm, and a user logs in at 2am.
  • Volume of Data Transfers: Normal regular volumes are typically small (i.e., webpage downloads), yet a single connection is transferring gigabytes of data.

While these scenarios might indicate insider threat:

  • System Queries: Accounting and HR systems typically don’t speak to each other. Someone in HR is running a query at the back-end on accounting.
  • User behavior: Executives typically view a high-level dashboard. One exec is viewing the source code.

While there might be perfectly logical explanations for every scenario, having the ability to quickly spot and investigate these anomalies puts you in a much bigger position to defend your network and protect your Agency’s data.

Collect, Keep, and Analyze Network Data

  • Collect more information. Keep it longer. Perform deeper Qlik Cyber Security analytics. Sounds simple, but with firewalls and sensors and applications all spitting out mountains of data, how can you possibly store all that data? Let alone bring it together to analyze?
  • AlphaSix can help by utilizing big data strategies on the back-end to collect and store all of that data in a Data Lake. Then, using this Qlik you can bring every of that siloed data into focus, analyze it, and spot patterns over time.
  • This process will allows you to establish a baseline, more deeply understand your network, and recognize (even prevent) both external and internal threats.

About Qlik Cyber Security Analytics

  • Qlik is a global leader in data discovery, delivering intuitive solutions for self-service data visualization and guided analytics.
  • Qlik empowers the organization with a flexible Qlik Cyber Security analytics tool that not only answers queries, but also helps uncover additional questions to ask of the data.
  • Qlik’s products rapidly deploy and customers realize rapid time to value, often less than in 45 days.

About AlphaSix

  • AlphaSix Corporation is a VA CVE-verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) located in the Washington, DC, area.
  • Areas of expertise include Cyber security, Data Center Consolidation, Cloud Computing, Managed Print, Virtualization, Applications Development, and Big Data.

Our worldwide team experts represents the largest industries and most experienced support team dedicated solely to your success. We also provide Qlik Cyber Analytics training along with Qlik Cyber Analytics Customization, Qlik Cyber Analytics support and Qlik Cyber Analytics Staffing. For more details please contact us.

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