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Lesson 1: Set Up Sales Order Management

Set Up Sales Order Management

Set Up Sales Order Management : This lesson describes the setup options for Sales Order Management. It focuses on the physical aspects of the sales transactions instead of the financial aspects. Financial setup issues are addressed in more detail in the Finance Essentials in Microsoft Dynamics NAV course.

Setup options that support additional sales practices and tasks (for example, sales and invoice discounts and returns management) are discussed in separate modules in this training material.

Sales Order Management setup consists of the following elements:

Sales & Receivables Setup

Based on their established practices, companies must specify how they want the program to support their management of sales transactions. These are general setup options that apply to all sales transactions, regardless of the item or customer.

Customer Setup

Multiple addresses, shipping options, and reservation rules are all defined on the customer card. These settings help companies make sure that they meet the delivery expectations of their customers.

Customer Posting Groups

The setup of customer posting groups defines the connection between customers and accounts in the general ledger. To achieve this, you create customer posting groups, link them to balance sheet and income statement accounts, and then assign these posting groups to individual customers.

Salesperson Setup

Companies can set up codes to identify and describe salespeople. These codes can then be linked to customers and sales transaction documents to measure sales performance.

Review Sales & Receivables Setup

Scenario: At CRONUS International Ltd., management wants to notify the order processor about a customer’s credit and balance every time that the customer places an order. Because management wants to make sure that orders are delivered on time, they also want feedback on item availability when a sales order is entered. For shipping, CRONUS wants the Qty. to Ship field on a sales order line to populate automatically with the remaining, unshipped quantity, and requires the creation of shipment and return receipt documents when you posts invoices, credit memos, or both.

To open the Sales & Receivables Setup page for CRONUS, enter “sales & receivables setup” in the Search box, and then select the related link.

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