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Lesson 3: Set Up and Create Nonstock Items

Set Up and Create Nonstock Items

Set Up and Create Nonstock Items : Companies use nonstock processing to order, ship, and invoice items that are not usually part of their inventory. The main users of this functionality work in sales, purchasing, and inventory management.

By using nonstock processing, you can enter a nonstock item on a sales quote, order, or invoice. You can select the item from an existing list of nonstock items that are provided by vendors and entered into the program (a vendor catalog). Immediately after the relevant vendor item is selected on a document line for the first time, the program automatically creates an inventory item with a unique item number. The item is then processed as an ordinary “stocked” inventory item.

Reports help companies decide whether to carry certain nonstock items as stocked items.Microsoft D365

The following two fields specify the format of nonstock item numbers that are created on their associated item cards. The program generates the number when you enter a nonstock item on a document line for the first time.

To select nonstock items on a sales line, you must populate the Vendor No. and Vendor Item No. fields in the General FastTab, and the Item Category Code field in the Invoicing FastTab. The item category code is important because it determines the posting groups and the costing methods the program uses when the nonstock item is used in a transaction.

A well-formed nonstock item (to make it easier to identify in the nonstock item selection process) should also include values in the Description and Unit of Measure fields in the General FastTab, and pricing information in the Invoicing FastTab.

Refer to the online Help for more information about the fields on the nonstock item card. This is a continuation of the “Review Existing Nonstock Items” procedure in this training material.

The first time that a nonstock item is entered on a sales line, the program automatically uses the information that is included on the nonstock item card to generate an item card. To generate an item card for a nonstock item before you use it in a transaction, you must use the Create Item function on the nonstock item card.

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